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[Tutorial] How to Set your BIOS to boot from CD or DVD

This video is to help everyone understand the basics setting your bios to boot from your CD/DVD Drive

48 Comments on [Tutorial] How to Set your BIOS to boot from CD or DVD

  1. I have only 1 and 2 boot devices

  2. great video thanks a lot

  3. i m load driver why?

  4. Thanks for the help

  5. Sir ,i don't know my administration password to open my laptop can you help me.

  6. I Am your New subscriber

  7. Please made a video on how to install Windows 7 on xp by bios set up

  8. thank you a lot and SUB-FUCKING-SCRIBED

  9. what to select if I had it in local disk

  10. what to select if I had it in local disk

  11. Dude u saved my life u r the best????????

  12. Thank you very much !!!!

  13. Cd rom is not detected in my bios

  14. Thank youuuuu! It worked for my Windows 10 setup too!

  15. Thank U Very Much Sir Ji

  16. Nice video man Im subscribed 🙂

  17. This is really helpful

  18. Thank u very much yr u are so good creation of thise thank aloat yr

  19. Can you do this also with USB ?

  20. i dont have the boot tab only main sec and sec config

  21. I don't have 4 options that you have ,I have only 3 of them & those are CDROM,SATA, REMOVABLE Dev.Even though I select CDROM as the booting device ,my pc is not able to boot and start..What do I do ?And my pc is ASUS Ez Flash with os Windows 8

  22. How to remove the error 0xc000021a and PC want reboot

  23. I am doing this but it's not working so what I do sir

  24. make tutorial for usb please

  25. Thanks you! This video is for the first timer

  26. Thank you so much !!

  27. help me pleaseee

  28. Where to get the cd

  29. u made my life a lot more easier
    tnx a lot

  30. Boot this xbox guy SAINTS ENFORCER

  31. very easy to understand ….thank you

  32. Thanks a lot……

  33. Whats next? How to install os

  34. very nice. very helpful. thank u very much.

  35. Windows still boots up instead of windows installer

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