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Ultimate List of Tips and Tricks for the ZTE Axon 7

Here is a list of tips and tricks and configuration options for the Axon 7. This will ensure you have the best experience with this awesome phone.

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22 Comments on Ultimate List of Tips and Tricks for the ZTE Axon 7

  1. I have Axon 7 mini with Nova Launcher. How do I transfer pictures from internal storage to Micro SD card? Thanks

  2. i lose mail after 7.1.1 android .. FUXX

  3. Best phone ever made for it's price. I wish ZTE would make a Worthy predessor for the axon 7. They would literally put heat on the competition by forcing them to make future proof phones. It's almost 2019 and this phone looks like it's 2 years away lol.

  4. Can't find the My Voice option anywhere. I am on Androind 7.1 and Mifavor 4,2

  5. Can't find the My Voice option anywhere. I am on Androind 7.1 and Mifavor 4,2

  6. hi, my ZTE does not come with a manual mode and the 4k settings, is it fake or my Os is obsolate

  7. strange, I have an Axon 7 but my settings screen doesnt look like this? is it because i have a newer android?

  8. which is good?zte axon 7 or vivo v7?

  9. incoming call not showing in axon 7 mini but Its ringing..the phone screen remains dark even when it's ringing .. Please suggest

  10. Mine won’t let me change my Lock screen

  11. One problem how to make to see incoming call My phone only ring but dont show the caller If i press lock screen i see it

  12. Hi, is there a way to make the screen smaller for one hand use?

  13. I bought this phone on UK amazon and notice that my Axon 7 has no "My voice" function, does it mean is not original? Spent 400 pounds on it 🙁

  14. I can't get the voice unlock to work

  15. such an ugly phone, but current price and specs for 2017 make it one that im looking at

  16. Sir ZTE axon phone factory reset kiya uske baad menu nahi khul raha h wo jo sabse pahle id bhari wo mangti h ..please help me..whatsapp no.7599022026 Anita Gupta

  17. Excellent! Thanks for sharing in a very clear and concise manner. I love my ZTE Axon 7 it's the best phone I've ever had.

  18. Right handed? I guess I have big hands? I primarily use my right hand, and the right handed set up is uncomfortable. I have the scrunch my hand pretty far to reach the back button. It's very uncomfortable. Left handed setting all the way while using my right hand.

  19. only thing for me is the fucking front facing camera is on the middle of the speaker! omg coudlnt it have eben in the middle over it :S:S:

  20. I keep accidentally bumping the power button w my right thumb and putting the phone to sleep. Is there a fix?

  21. You can just put your finger the same way each time on the finger print sensor and if you put your finger on it sideways or upside down it still works

  22. Hi EBPMAN Tech Reviews, great video. I just bought a Axon 7 but it didn't have the double tap to wake. I have the ZTE A2017, MiFavor UI, Android 7.1.1, build number ZTE A2017v1.1.0b15.
    Should I put a different ROM ?

    Thank you

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