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Ultrawide Monitors Tips! A Better Way to Use Them – DisplayFusion Windows Management

Ultrawide Monitors are great but managing multiple windows on them can sometimes be a pain compared to having a multi-monitor setup instead. But I think I found the “almost” perfect solution to take full advantage of your ultrawide monitor

*NOT SPONSORED* (Unfortunately everything sounds like an ad these days) This is just the best app I could find and bought for myself but I’m open to suggestions if anyone finds something better

You’ll need the Pro version of DisplayFusion to get the…

34 Comments on Ultrawide Monitors Tips! A Better Way to Use Them – DisplayFusion Windows Management

  1. Background Music disturbs and sucks like hell, sorry. But anaway thanks for your video and ideas.

  2. Yo i just found your channel but i will 500% subscribe even just for the music.

  3. "Setting it up the first time can be a little confusing but… I am NOT gonna show you how I set it" Gee.. err thanks for___ OOF! So, the purpose of the video is to state what you don't like about UW's and tell us you like the program mentioned but not how to actually use it hmmmm; that kinda makes the video a waste of time :/ I don't need a 5 min video to hear you bitch but not actually teach us how to fix things :/ You know? If you actually want to be helpful, then make a video about your set-up and why you like it that way etc !!!!

  4. i want something that allows me to watch anything in fullscreen while playing a game on the other half on the screen

  5. what is a good alternative when using linux?

  6. It's on sale for 10.84 on steam.

  7. When I switch between profiles all the windows stay the same. I have to manually drag every application to the new windows.

  8. Intro is good but the music is so annoying and so distractive.

  9. Thanks for a great video David. I’m trialling Display Fusion and now that I’ve seen what you have done, I’ll definitely buy it. Cheers

  10. If I have game in window I can use that?

  11. if my computer is only capable of 1920×1080, can I use these split screen technology to still maximize the resolution on monitor? I.e. like having 2 virtual monitors with high resolutions?

  12. Threelly uses state of the art A.I. to analyze videos for key insights: topics, scenes, people, sentiments, and much more.

  13. how do i set it up so i can have my game in the middle and music / discord on the sides?

  14. thanks for all these great tips ! Worth a sub !

  15. Please let me know about this monitor mount system. it looks great 🙂

  16. What about a tiling window manager like i3wm?

  17. Windows peasants have no idea about the tiling window managers master race

  18. Any love for gridmove?

  19. Will this work well for gaming? I'd like to have a game in the middle, Discord/slack to the right and maybe a browser with YouTube to the left on an ultra-wide :p

  20. Add some more testosterone so your voice sounds more manly. Please. Thanks.

  21. Thank you so much, easy to use. Anybody who makes money online should jump on this. It makes it way easier to multitask. Got it on sale too. $17 dollars.

  22. Because of this video you have a new sub, keep up the good work

  23. five fucking minutes to not tutorialize the program. fuck you.

  24. Great Tip! I've used DF for years. Great app with great support. I love the app but never would have thought to try and use it for ultrawide. Ingenius!

  25. Can you run a windowless game on one side and a windowed program (chrome) on the other side?

  26. Does this work on gaming? can you segregate a windowed game while multitasking

  27. lol winlets trying to tile windows

  28. I just use Linux, there i have Virtual Desktops already.

  29. Your voice sounds so like Wendover Productions ????

  30. Thanks for saying "You know what to do". 🙂

  31. Best tip for ultrawide: don't use it.

  32. Awesome ! I struggle organizing my many software. I’ll give this a try.

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