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Update Windows NOW! OPM Wastes Taxpayer $$$, Hacking via Satellite, Dangerous TLDs -Threat Wire

Microsoft dropped a dozen security updates, including fixes for flaws being exploited ‘in the wild,’ the Office of Personnel Management just dropped $133M on credit monitoring, Turla APT used satellite Internet links to cover their tracks, Blue Coat’s top 10 Top Level Domains for malicious domains, moar!

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MS Drops Dozen Security Updates


20 Comments on Update Windows NOW! OPM Wastes Taxpayer $$$, Hacking via Satellite, Dangerous TLDs -Threat Wire

  1. I see a lot of complaints about video and sound but looking at the dark background video it looks like Patrick like my self do not feel manly enough to ware makeup that would lighten his profile and more lighting would likely glare out the background, so in other words we may have to suck it up. The audio sound fine on my system . but it is not a phone. Thank you Patrick, I have no complains, but only accolades to you, Shannon, and Darrenn.

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  3. Jeez. where's your hound dog and huntin' rifle?

  4. Patrick needs to find a better mic system. Older is NOT better.

  5. yeah, color grading is wicked off and I second the audio levels are quite low. But BIG props for keeping this show going!!!
     -fellow security analyst

  6. Wow… really low sound lately. Last few posts have been very, very quiet.

  7. What's with the fighting? "I didn't have issues so you're lying about you having issues?" If some people are getting a different experience it's clearly either a setting or network related issue… or one of literally millions of different things it could be that aren't identical on every computer.

  8. The sound is ok… just turn your surround sound off, put the speaker too stereo … then the sound is ok.

  9. thumbs down for video with no sound

  10. seriously, my volume Is all the way up and I can barely hear you. fix your shit

  11. your volume is so low

    I heard something about Internet Explorer but who the balls uses that.piece of.shit?

  12. the latest cumulative update last night was the only one that worked the last three on my system caused it to boot loop so i am glad this one fixed it

  13. I have dropped adobe shockwave flash like last year

  14. audio sounds fine on my end, raise your volume ppl -_-

  15. very low volume… thanks for then update.

  16. there is a problem with hiding your location with satellite Internet if you are connected to two or more satellites which is very common you are basically giving your GPS coordinates away

  17. What the hell happened to Rev3? I just remembered it existed after seeing Patric.

  18. bad lighting, very low sound.

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