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Upgrade your Trackpad for FREE!

Laptop trackpad not working?? Here’s a simple laptop hack to make your laptop trackpad or touchpad way better! A software trick to improve accuracy, scrolling and gestures on your Windows laptop.

1 – Figure out which type of trackpad you have in Device Manager
2 – Download one of these files from Lenovo

Elan Trackpads:

Synaptics Trackpads:

3 – Run the downloaded file to…

24 Comments on Upgrade your Trackpad for FREE!

  1. Short video this week. Hope it's helpful =) The newer lenovo drivers are much better now and have better compatibility. This works on a ton of older laptops as well. Make sure to get a copy of your old drivers before you do it. Thanks for watching!

  2. activate your windows bro

  3. Activate your windows 😉

  4. للاسف هذا تعريف قام بتعطيل الوظائف الخاصه بالموسم للحاسوب Toshiba Satellite Pro اصبحت بشعه.
    لقد قمت باسترجاع التعريف السابق عبر التحديث شكرا على أية حال

  5. i have acer laptop the touchpad doesn't work i tried different ways i tried the way in this video but also it did not work i hope you have a solution for me,,

  6. The real question is:

    Will it work on my Dell latitude E5410?

  7. i don't even have a laptop why am i watching this

  8. so i have this:

    >synaptics drivers on my old vaio
    >download correct driver from link on desc.
    >extract with 7z
    >no synpd.inf at all

    am i the only one that had this?

  9. uh it turned into an ultranav driver and idk what to do.

  10. Thank you very much @Dave Lee. I've tried on my TOSHIBA Satellite C660 and it WORKED! Take love. <3

  11. on my laptop it's Dell TouchPad… so.. I guess I'm stuck with that

  12. By coincidence, my lenovo x1 yoga 3rd gen came up with a popup declaring a new synaptics ultra nav driver as I finished watching this.

  13. Does this work for the Dell XPS 15 9750?

  14. he didn't credited Windows Central for this, this was posted first on Windows Central.

  15. Worked so far with my HP Pavillion G6 but three finger gestures doesn't work. Perhaps my track pad is that vintage. But either way scrolling is better than synaptics. If you have any idea if that can be fixed I would be really thankful!! Either way, thanks!

  16. Am I supposed to see any other settings besides touchpad sensitivity? Because that's all I see after I installed the new drivers.

  17. After installed this driver, my previous 3,4 fingers gesture not working anymore…

  18. What about for Ubuntu?

  19. fake, you need a laptop for this and someone needs to buy those

  20. I think that driver is only for Lenovo laptops and doesn't work for all known laptop brands. So, I don't want to do that because it will screwed up my touchpad.

  21. And how about when you using ubuntu mint ? Is there an option to install precision drivers ?

  22. Can't believe I haven't had you subscribed. Now corrected 🙂

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