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42 Comments on USB credential stealing while screen is locked

  1. Hi,Rob Fuller.
    if I got the Password HASH strings, How can I use this hash to Login Windows ??????

  2. killer by MS16-077:

    The default behavior of PAC file download is changed so that the client's domain credentials are not automatically sent in response to an NTLM or Negotiate Authentication challenge when WinHTTP requests the PAC file. This occurs regardless of the value of the fAutoLogonIfChallenged flag that is specified in

  3. Hi Rob! Does the usb armory with responder works as well having the computer unlocked / having logged in or is it a must to have it locked for it to work? thanks very much… wait for your answer

  4. Can you make an tutorial about how to make this in a usb?. greetings

  5. seriously ? what is this video ?
    1) VVS -_-
    2) We can see a flashing led… and this is called "credential stealing" ?

    I can do the same video (with better orientation) with a 10 years old usb drive. =>
    plug the stick , watch the led blinking because windows reads the partition table, flash stops. I'm a hacker o/

  6. what was the password 12345 ?

  7. So it doesn't actually capture the credentials in plain text? Instead it collects the "NTLM hash"?

    How do I then convert the hash to a login? Sorry for being a noob!

  8. to your personal opinion, just doing this specific task (that you recorded) which of the 2 would u recommend using, USB Armory? or Hak5 T. ? seeing u are using USB Armory, id say that would be your answer?

  9. can u share the code in github

  10. His password is set to blank. Simple trick -_-

  11. How can we make this usb?

  12. Hi Rob, if you don't mind me asking:

    1) Microsoft has released an update for Windows 10 two days ago; do you know if they fixed the exploit you're showing us in this video?

    2) What can i get with the string

    "2016-09-04 10:59:43|HTTP|NTLMv2|||SITTINGDUCKmubix||5EAEA2859C397D8AE48CA87F:01010000000001E9D23F49F7891F38965D80A0010000000000000000000000000000000900260048005400540050002F007800780066006600730062006E0070006300000000000000…."?

  13. I think he's using the Kali Linux pocket arsenal, right?

  14. where i buy this< give me link pls.

  15. How can i use this software? Should i have to buy this kinda USB? Or Can I make it myself? Please give Tutorial Link. 🙂

  16. I see flashing diode and that's it. Where does it says it unlocked windows? I don't see any evidence of that happening. Log in screen going into a screensaver. Useless…,

  17. 134€ for a piece of software on a usb drive plus you never know, when a windows update could hit that makes its function obsolete, I remember I used a tool back then to get a forgotten password for a customers windows 7, was simple, fast and cost me no money, dunno if it would work on windows 10 though

  18. I was thinking today. Anyway I could use a compromised soft-install or automation tools you see in sys-admin world todo bad stuff

  19. Thank you Rob Fuller! Great work. Sharing is caring as my colleagues say!

  20. Thats some MrRobot shit

  21. Can hack into windows but shoots vertical video? FAIL

  22. Windows Windows… U are the most secure system of the world…
    Sarcasm offline.

  23. can you give me a link to buy this usb with the cracker on it.. thanks

  24. >calls himself hacker
    >films vertically

    top kek

  25. This is Windows 10, Microsoft: "The best Windows of this world"!

  26. What is so special on this stick? I have a boot cd for 0,20 $ with a freeware programm that shows me the passwords for the Windows Login screens.

  27. Vauu !! This is awesome! Best hacker of the year !! 🙂

  28. Please see for a solution. My article outlines how to use event based triggers to defend against unknown hardware. It can be extended to defeat this attack type (usb based network adapters).

  29. Vertical Video 🙁

  30. IS there any advantage to owning the more expensive USB Armory version over the Hak5 one?

  31. is this with the Hack5 Network Turtle?

  32. I'm gonna go ahead and call this FAF (fake as fu*k) in regards to that it works on OSX or any other Linux/Unix distros.

  33. I love you for this, seriously. Hackers who think "around the corner" and not just in a box like some others. Quick and easy, love it.


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