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Using Chord Track (Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks – Vol 1)

This tutorial will show you the new ‘Chord Track’ function to assist the user in composing chord sequences for a song.
The full series can be found here:

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25 Comments on Using Chord Track (Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks – Vol 1)

  1. It was a really clear and well guide lesson! ????????

  2. Hey why is it when I listen in Youtube with 2x speed, at 4:47 it sounds like F dominant 7 instead of F major 7? There's a ghost Eb appearing out of nowhere. I swear I'm not crazy and not making this up; listen if you don't believe me lol.

  3. sooooo useless

  4. Good tut John Peel

  5. rockNroll samples collab.

  6. how do u change the octave of the chord?

  7. brother, thank you very much for this

  8. thanks for your input.  You just have save me a lot of searching.  Right to the point, good, easy, interesting explanation

  9. Thanks Groove3. Clear & concise. Thank you!

  10. the most faithful approximation of speech synthesis using human voice and ruthless breath editing 🙂

  11. this option does not appear to me Editor /Chord Assistant, anyone know why? thanks

  12. cool, very helpful tool

  13. Cubase should turn this feature into a VST for use in other DAWs. The only thing I know like that is RapidComposer.

  14. Hey, good info here! I've just starting to play around with this.. but i have some problems, i am trying to use the midi input to use my own chords.. but for some reason it just keeps changing my input into something else.. is there a way to bypass this so that it takes my chords instead, am i missing a setting somewhere? …i could record my own chords without the chord track, but i'd like to be able to use 'follow chord track' and 'live transform' based on my chord input.. the way it is now, my input is forced into new chord suggstions instead.

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! You really sound like Gilbert [Greg Davies] in "Inbetweeners"!

  16. Мне показалось что я на уроке английского

  17. Great tutorial many thanks But in the back of mind I keep thinking wouldn't it be easier just to get a keyboard and play chords!

  18. good tutorial but youre voice is to much robot voice..

  19. wouldn't it be easier if Steinberg created the chord track to be automatically added each time you add a VSTi

  20. Great..!!
    thank you so very much for the tips and tricks..
    can't wait to play around with the latest version of Cubase..
    Keep it up, mate 🙂

  21. Great instruction. Is it possible to add a chord on say beat 2, 3 or 4 and how would this be done please?

  22. Great job! You helped me to get the chord track editor.
    Would love to check more of your tutorials. Thank you very much.

  23. Nice job ..enjoyed this immensely

  24. This is great. Thanks for helping me understand my software.

  25. What a nice bloke you are doing this. You have a very good voice for teaching. Thank you.

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