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Using MathType with the Windows 7 Math Input Panel

By using the Windows 7 Math Input Panel and MathType together, you can write your math by hand and insert them as typeset equations into nearly 500 software applications and websites. This video shows how to use the Math Input Panel with MathType, and also how to use it directly with Word to insert MathType equations. See also

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7 Comments on Using MathType with the Windows 7 Math Input Panel

  1. math type amar word manute nai

  2. How can get Full Mathtype? I mean not 1 month trial version.

  3. Comparing to Latex execution or microsoft equation itself built in, the integrate symbols generated from Mathtype are very ugly. It should be redesigned again.

  4. how to delete history? 

  5. hey pal, I can't enable the option OPEN MATH INPUT PANEL, why?

  6. Thank you for making this video and posting it. I just put my first MathType equation into a word document because of this video. I had no Earthly idea what to do until just then. I do admit, though, that I had to watch your video a few times to really catch what to do. You might want to slow down a bit and keep in mind that you are talking to a lot of clueless dummies. But I was lost and you showed me the way.

  7. Thank you for this. But what if I want to write in bold using the math input panel?

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