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VLC Media Player Tips & Tricks

VLC Media Player Tips & Tricks
VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player and streaming media.
it can be downloaded from :
In this video I’ll show you some hidden features of VLC :
1. How to Convert media files to different formats
2. How to Download and play Youtube videos.
3. How to Capture your Desktop

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29 Comments on VLC Media Player Tips & Tricks

  1. I have a vob file that i was able to convert to mp4 but the time lenght on my video was cut too short what can i do


  3. Sir mera vlc chal nshi rah

  4. Great! Thank you!

  5. really good video, unfortunately it does not work for some websites, I did the exact same, and nothing happened

  6. Very helpful. thank you.

  7. no converting to M4A file format?…

  8. If you are able to help, I still need assistance. I have an .avi file that I need to compress. When I follow the video (and I've experiemented), the result is audio only. Suggestions?

  9. I stream my vlc movies through obs to a website but I'm having a ton of problems with bass and clicking. I finally found the equalizer and have adjusted some of it but it still doesn't sound that great and is a little low. I have played with all the settings I can find I think. I'm not really sure what the spatilizer is for but I don't think it's that. I have read that the driver needs to be up to date but i can't see why it wouldn't be since the computer is not that old. I don't know, I'm just really confused. I've also adjusted everything I can on obs as well.

  10. VLC is probably the best media player you can have on your laptop. It has so many features that other media players don't have. One of it's great features is it's sharpening adjustment for softer looking videos, and it can also adjust things like hue, contrast, brightness, colour and gamma. Aspect ratios can be changed to suit your own preferences, and the fact that it can play any region DVD is another plus. I just couldn't recommend any other media player for an operating system over VLC, and also because of it's incredible file compatibility.

  11. My Head Just Exploded lol, wow

  12. Can I, record video and audio at the same time, Plz sir tell me

  13. Does anyone know how to download a YouTube video with VLC to an android tablet with the newest version of VLC. It is updated and now I cannot figure it out!

  14. Very helpful ……. At last . Thank you very much , BIG thumbs up from me , Baz (uk)

  15. Very well explained…and helpful. thank you.

  16. Brilliant, and so well explained. Thank you so much 🙂

  17. DAMN !!!!!!!!!!! NICE WORK Amine Nina !!!!!!!!!!

  18. This is the best link for downloading this media player because i am already using this from long time. It have many advanced features like viewing, editing, making and many more features which every vlc player do not have. i recommend you to download it because its free of cost.

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  21. please you forget 2 things how to get tv channel on vlc and what about podcast dear

  22. Hello….My name is Ankit…i luv ur video u have done an amazing work i like to subscribe to ur Videos….i m doing the same stuff 😀 may be checkme out…make sure to keep up the excellent work !!! 🙂

  23. Well done… and thank you.

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