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Water Cooled Raspberry Pi 3

Water cooling and overclocking raspberry pi 3 to it’s limits. This is a full video on how i water cooled my raspberry pi 3 and performed some overclocking to see how much of a difference water cooling makes on pi3.

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39 Comments on Water Cooled Raspberry Pi 3

  1. looks like perfect block for high powered LED what sort of wattage is it rated for? would be cool to put a xhp70 4000lumen led on a head lamp with a radiator on the back of the head or as a backpack.. or startreck style palm flashlight with 4 xhps 70s and long radiators on arm

  2. There’s a limit where we tolerate stupidity and this video hit it.

  3. How much does this all cost?

  4. Damn! how much is all this epic fuckery gonna run me

  5. It look Like aquarium filter….

  6. Unless you're going to be running Crysis on this RPI, I don't get why you need to overclock and cool it. I'm pretty sure using like a heatsink and fan would've worked best

  7. Yesterday I used a mini nuke's mini nuclear explosion, to get rid of some anthills, I can't find any better comparison to this lol

  8. Lol…é como matar um mosquito com uma bazooka! kkkk. Desnecessário.

  9. you missed some very key points. I would opt that you liquid cool CPU, GPU, RAM, and Bridge, then instead of going to a radiator go to a block that sit atop a pelteir cooler and on the hot side of said cooler sits another water block with seperate pump that goes to a big radiator with fan. THEN POWER THAT LITTLE PIE WITH A 10 FT TESLA COIL! FUCK YEAH!

  10. And what about liquid nitrogen?

  11. The song is the same as That One Guys outro. Can someone tell me the name.

  12. I'd like to try this on an ASUS Tinker Board. Those things run HOT!

  13. 2K people short circuited their RPis while trying to H20 cool it. ????????????

  14. wheres the video with the advanced overclock by capacitor, idk. ?

  15. lmao just use your smartphone to hacking guys = = that more simple

  16. Any idea why the 1350+ov2 went to 140, which is a HUGE jump from the previous 65, and way below the higher 1400ov8? Maybe the 1300 number was a bit low since it's actually lower than the stock MAX.
    Strange.. still cool video.

  17. Asking me "Why did you click on this video" in that way has earned my follow. Right now only 43 seconds in hope it's earned I think it will be.

  18. should i tell you why we clicked on this video? because we wanted to see a moron like you water cool a pi and waste his time a recourses

  19. "then why did u open the video" great opening

  20. One other question, when will we see the liquid nitrogen cooled raspberry pi?

  21. Cause there's no kill like overkill!

  22. I got a fucking arduino add

  23. Explaining computers got better results from passive cooling and then a combo of passive and a fan.

  24. Is it overclockable?

  25. "Mom, I want a water colled comnputer!" Mom gives you this 4:34

  26. "Then why'd you click on this video" touche…

  27. Watercooled Raspberry Pi 3 is like cleaning trash

  28. i feel like the fluid itself would be enough to cool it

  29. Should have not bothered.

  30. Now build a case for it.

  31. Cool to do , but dumb still

  32. I think it’s pointless but it’s water cooling on a raspberry pi y wouldn’t I click on the video

  33. Seriously… just why?

  34. Not even a minute in and i got roasted

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