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WhatsApp Tricks that EVERYONE should be using!

Whatsapp Tricks / Hacks in 2017 – Everyone should be trying these Whatsapp tips, tricks and hidden features on Android. This includes other Android Apps that improve Whatsapp


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25 Comments on WhatsApp Tricks that EVERYONE should be using!

  1. If you have Facebook then you're going to want to see these Facebook SECRETS!

  2. What phone was that?

  3. 30 seconds in I'm already impressed, liked and suscribed

  4. That thumbnail is genius

  5. The phone is sick! It should have a cure for that.

  6. Is that his real number


  8. why don’t italics work

  9. This app ruins my life n evry1 I work with.

  10. And I don't even have WhatsApp, but the video's still great!

  11. Now, instead of star your message, you can literally just search for the message

  12. Hi, I really don't have much experience with whatsapp and was wondering if you meet someone on the internet that lives in another country and wants your whatsapp # to communicate with you, is it safe to share this with them? Basically they are going to have my phone number if I am not mistaken? Please let me know if this is safe to do and if you have any recommendations. Thanks, Tony

  13. In this video, which is initially tuning, it starts at 15 seconds.

  14. Iss video mee jo suruwat me jo tuning hai woh kaoon si hai…

  15. What's the intro song ?

  16. This app is just Facebook's spyware

  17. what was the intro music???

  18. Thank you. Was quite insightful 🙂

  19. Arun: 99%dont use the super features of whatsapp
    Me: means they are a bit stupid even me

  20. How to leave a group chat without people noticing..?

  21. I was alreading using it… wasted my time

  22. Intro song is : Alan Walker – Routine

    Saved you the time to look it up

  23. bro can i have that phone

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