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Window Cleaning Estimate Tips & Cleaning Tricks

Come with us to work on a Saturday! Yes busy season is in full swing and we are working over time. We clean a few storefronts and talk about how we provide window cleaning estimates to our potential clients. We also take you with us to a residential window cleaning job where the customer has an unusual request.

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39 Comments on Window Cleaning Estimate Tips & Cleaning Tricks

  1. At 8:34 I can't seem to find that 3M wall scraper you mentioned, anywhere specific that it is sold?

  2. Curious as to what everyone brand of choice is on supplies? I.E. Brushes, Squeegees, T-Bars, sleeves?

  3. It’s not Knight window cleaning anymore?

  4. I can't seem to find that 3M wall scraper you mentioned, anywhere specific that it is sold?

  5. Did you start out as an llc or sole proprietorship? Great videos!

  6. Hey luke
    what application do you take to make your video montages?
    thank you!!!!

  7. 1:01 “ it’s my husband don’t ask! “ ????????????

  8. First time viewer. Keith Kalfas dropped your name and I decided to check you guys out.

  9. I just book my new jobs over the phone and give them a quote before I start on the day. Just tell them you charge fair market rates per window. Never had anyone turn me down but I’m the best ever and everyone loves me so I don’t recommend this for everyone just me cuz I rock ????

  10. Informative! Thanks

  11. Thanks for the video. As always very informative. Im fixin to take the leap and go it on my own. Your videos will be more helpful than you know. Ready for the next vid.

  12. If the estimate is far away I get them to email me photos. that way you don't spend travel time getting there. Love to hear what you do for your employee on training. Ive got 4 and basically do on the job training.

  13. I like that new branding….whose the bearded guy, on the truck?!????????????

  14. If the ground is wet or there's new grass, I like to use shoring under my ladder legs. Just two pieces of 1' X 1' X ½" pieces of plywood. No divots.

  15. Hmmm…I pole all my residential..I do mostly residential

  16. I’ll always go out to the home. I like to document any broken glass,screens or hardwater. Also allows me to meet up with the homeowner. I am only a small business so that’s what works for me.

  17. Hey Luke ! What pole is shown at the start of the video ?

  18. Hey guys the rebranding looks great!!! Where do you get your shirts and embroidery?? 🙂

  19. Do you work 6 days a week?

  20. I clean windows in a retirement community, all single story homes. Since I live in the community, I visit for each estimate. Friendly face.

  21. Love the talk about business systems and struggles with employees, keep that up. And I would like to hear some advice on getting large commercial clientele. Good video

  22. no sarcasm at all in this video lol

  23. Another grate video guys thanks for sharing. You can buy something called laddermatts here in the UK which you can use to stop ladders sinking into the grass.

  24. When you say hired through a janitorial company for commercial it the janitorial company that reaches out to you? or is reaching out to them a good way to find work?

  25. Love the rebrand you guys look awsome where u purchase those shirts they look great and comfy

  26. I always quote in person, but I think the pics are a good idea! I so want a mod carbon fiber pole too 🙂

  27. gonna love them taxes now that your an employer haha

  28. The rebranding makes sense i was always thrown off by it before great decision IMO!

  29. I have been giving 3 package prices for almost every quote. A premium package, deluxe and basic. Close more jobs that way. I usually use Google earth. Or quote in person

  30. Noticed you didn’t put any music in this video. Kind of like just hearing you guys chat. Nice video and good job on those windows. Keep it up!

  31. i always try to do estimates between jobs when nearby because of all the unforseen stuff……..shotgun fungus, extra dirty, paint, dog poop, screens not in on google earth, slopes, bushes, etc… i do use google earth to see if its worth my time going there

  32. your re branding is awesome

  33. Just ask customer for a window count and any special circumstances like French panes or hard water

  34. The same but for some reason I feel that I charge more when I'm looking at the job im person . maybe because I have more of a feeling of how the job ia going to be for me to have done . Does Rihanna have any single sisters??? Jk ????

  35. Smash the like button !!????????????

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