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Window Scrolling Magic Tricks in Axure 7 (tutorial)

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Speaker: David Fennell
Have you ever needed to manipulate a element on a prototype while scrolling a window? From pinning an element to the browser to parallax scrolling effects, David Fennell, Head of UX at Virgin
Media, will not only give you one line solutions to these
interactions but also explain the maths behind his solution with
easy-to-understand diagrams.
video: Meetupvideo (

Axure RP 7

4 Comments on Window Scrolling Magic Tricks in Axure 7 (tutorial)

  1. @Meetupvideo UK where's the whole video?

  2. I find using the scrollY method yields unpredictable results, because the browser can't render the position of widgets on the fly fast enough on scroll events and they end up out of place.

  3. Is this file available still? Would love to see it.

  4. How do make a dynamic panel scrollable without actually showing the scrollers to the right?

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