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Windows 10 May 2019 Update (19H1): Top 5 Changes!

It’s that time of the year again when Microsoft releases another major Windows 10 update. After the data loss fiasco during the release of the October 2018 Update, Microsoft is taking a step back with the May 2019 Update. There are less big eye-catching features and instead, Microsoft is focusing more on fixing small issues and optimizing the UI for a better experience for the end user. Watch the video to see some of the best changes from this update.

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45 Comments on Windows 10 May 2019 Update (19H1): Top 5 Changes!

  1. your wallpaper is too good where did you get it ?

  2. sandbox dont work help

  3. after the update 1903, and after restart or turning on your pc, the download folder, slows to show the files? Can anyone update me about this, to know if not happening only to me? Thanks

  4. at 2:53, i don't have that Brightness slider with update 1903, because it's desktop and not laptop?

  5. my me windows 10 1803 delete work May 2019 Update windows 10 Pro 1903 yeah (⓿_⓿)

  6. stop working my keyboard

  7. guys , is this update fine . i'm going to do it today . pls reply

  8. How can I directly update from 1803 to 1906 ….ik 1803 was the stable one so far …I think this is also stable

  9. Data loss is a forgettable bug because it's FIXED.

  10. Name of that beat you playing in the background please????????

  11. i want the wallpaper…..

  12. Welp, time to say bye to cortana, I use it, but since nobody uses, I expect them to remove it completely, just like windows phone, yaaay.

  13. another reason to freezed my update for another 6 months…

  14. Window should also add "Sound Bar Slider" and "Music Media interface" in Action Center.

  15. April 2019 update screwed up the antivirus and caused the PC to freeze, so… Dunno for that

  16. You can still mirror your screen to your PC easily

  17. I don't see any difference.

  18. it won't go wrong this time coz that is y they hav already allotted themselves a month for testing bt releasing it only on may instead of April

  19. This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    Top five changes to Win-10:

    1). We steal your personal data.
    2). We steal your personal data, and don’t let you know we’re doing it.
    3). We steal your data, and package it for sale.
    4). We steal your data, and package it for sale, as big-data, marketed via .NET and Azure.
    5). We steal your data, and then hope you don’t sue us in class-action.

    Any questions?

  20. Microsoft said in 2009 that new future versions of windows will be more leaner in size . Seems they were wrong as windiws is getting bigger every version

  21. Cortana go to hell and don't come back please

  22. hi Won, i like your wallpaper at 0:11, could you share it to me, tks you 😀

  23. Please give me this scream about the mountain, I like it!

  24. Is there a way to delay this update on my PC and laptop? I don't want to install this update until possibly the end of July or August 2019! Does anyone know how to postpone this update? Thank you.

  25. Is there any problem regarding this update? Please tell me

  26. What I'm I doing here I'm part of the insider program I've been using these features for decades, my favorite one is the light theme ????

  27. Whatever the changes I dont think the start up performance will be good????????

  28. wall paper link please

  29. "Literally everyone", nope. Not even close.

  30. turn off update…
    i hate thís desktop…

  31. ME: Cortana its not booting fasting
    Cortana: Do you like Booty

  32. i hate how everyone talks about features every dam year and dont talk about performance, stability and efficiency, thats the only things people are always complaining about and really care about that add value

  33. As always: Top 5 Changes no one asked for ????????

  34. Windows 7 here ????????????

  35. If Microsoft want to make any improvements to Windows 10, then re-issue Windows 7 !!!

  36. Is there any news for new windows ??
    Or now windows 10 will the last windows ?

  37. Default installlation have too many apps which was not usefull not to mentions the games.

  38. Waiting on a hopeful update to fix my usb 3, been doing all sorts to get it to work to no avail

  39. Who even dismisses notifications? Adding notifications to windows in a dedicated bar is the biggest waste of time for everyone. I have yet to see a majority of these features ever useful, relevant, and not get in my way.

  40. I'm late to see this or comment, But. A lot of times the updates mess with the SMB settings and you loose view of your network devices and have to fix it if you remember or even know how. I still think Windows 10 is a read headed step child compared to Windows 7.With 12 Pc's in my home network and over 60 at work to care for this can be a pain to take care of all the problem fixes.

  41. I ditched windows for macOS. And I’m never even looking back. Windows was a miserable experience for me.

  42. Windows 10 search function from start menu was a disaster !!!

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