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Windows 10 May 2019 Update – Official Release Demo (Version 1903)

Microsoft’s next Windows 10 feature update (Version 1903) is packing lots of new changes and enhancements. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

The April 2019 Update will be coming this spring!

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20 Comments on Windows 10 May 2019 Update – Official Release Demo (Version 1903)

  1. This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    So, the post'r wants us to believe that anything Microsoft does with/to Windows, is somehow a good thing.

    You mean, like the update to Windows-10 that made all drives full?
    You mean like still loading Excel into an app-server 16-times, for 16 user requests (this has been the state of Windows since Win-1). Still there. Other systems only need 1-copy.

    You mean like Mr. Nadella, pointing out, in public twice now, that Windows is no longer the Microsoft 'Front Burner' product?

    You mean, like Microsoft data-mining user/server systems, and then marketing it to 'Big Data' purchasers via .NET, and Azure? All the way back, at this point, to Win-7? Since 2015 at least?

    Microsoft and Windows… is not an answer for anybody.

  2. We all know that window 10 will just fuck up again. When will everyone face facts……windows 10 fucking sucks

  3. One thing they really need to do: Bring back Aero.

  4. Oh I know I will be shouted down but UI wise "Modern" is still just flat Windows vs. 2.0 (yes I used it so I know) and really offers nothing better than Win7 or Vista …especially in the personalisation area…. shadows under things is so Windows XP ….back again …. good…. now for Aero!

  5. Please Portuguese brazilian videos

  6. can you share your wallpaper,? thx

  7. is it true there is windows 11 or 12 coming this 2019 or 2020?

  8. I can't stop jumping I want the windows sandbox feature SOOOOOOOO badly. How did you even get those updates?

  9. what name of recording software do you use ?

  10. Is there any problem regarding this update? Please tell me.

  11. This is why I still use Wondows 7

  12. hey. you know how to download of this version(1903) manually? my desk version is 1809.

  13. my windows 10 is not good

  14. when is it being released?

  15. Where can I download.
    I think from Windows Insider Program… Right?

  16. they should add windows sandbox to windows 10 home

  17. Is it just me or is the Windows 10 GUI REALLY bad ? You don't see the borders of any of the icons until you hover the mouse pointer over them.
    It all seems very flat and anaemic.

  18. Still sticking using Windows 7 and XP

  19. windows should use voice recognition like some motorola phones did on 2014. it was really awesome fast and secure as fack.

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