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30 Comments on Windows 10 Tips and tricks how to add favorites bar in Microsoft Edge

  1. Nicely expressed, easy to understand. thank you!

  2. Shame on edge: No toolbar, No menu bar, No favorite bar, No drag&drop……. how do u name this even a browser..

  3. When I click star, there is only favorite option, Not any favorite bar option.

  4. Favorites bar does not work. I can add it easily enough but it does not show any of my bookmarks, all it does is say "Add to the favorites bar by selecting <star>, or by getting them from another browser" then has a link to Import your favorites (which I've already done) This is a deal-killer, if I can't get it to work I'm going back to Chrome.

  5. Thanks, worked a treat!

  6. damn I took me ages to find that thanks

  7. Well in a word NO that doesn't work for me all I get is the column on the right with a Favorites bar and a Bookmarks bar . I don't know where you got it from although that was back in 2015 and you can't see videos in edge either.

  8. When you add the favorites bar it takes up more room on the screen, so the annoying thing is that when you go to youtube, the video screen is smaller,  I don't want to use full screen all the time to make it bigger.

  9. after this feature I am shifting to Microsoft edge forever <3

  10. no drag and drop, cant create folders and sub-folders …its garbage.

  11. None of those symbols are there. No book, star, etc. How do I find those?


  13. I used to have the favourites going down vertically on the right hand side of the screen. This was windows 7. So now I have windows 10, how do I have them going down the right hand side as I will have a lot to put on so will run out of space if I put them all on the horizontal bar?

  14. I hate that there isn't an obvious way to click on favorites and history with separate icons.  Click on an icon then clicking between the two is inefficient.   I want a favorites icon and a SEPERATE history icon as I use both frequently throughout the day.   Why does MS insist on taking a step back for every step forward.

  15. All I get is a huge Favorites column on the right with a Favorites bar and a Bookmarks bar (the latter imported from Firefox).  I cannot get any thin bar to show across the top under the URL bar.  This is one of so many reasons I can't stand to use Edge but favor any of 6 or more other browsers.  What on earth do the browser people at Microsoft smoke???

  16. Thank you, I have been struggling for ages to get there.

  17. Still so much wrong with Edge.

  18. Thanks Big Help, Mike

  19. Finally got my Favorites bar back again.. That was a big help…..Thank you for sharing this information !!!

  20. My Favorite bars is displayed.  Thank you.  There is a folder on my Favorites bar that lists many sites.  How do I take the sites listed in that folder and add them to the Favorites bar?   Note: the are about 180 sites in that folder so doing it one at a time would be nuts.  In short, how can I copy and paste the above mentioned sites?

  21. And how can I the names of the favourites sites from the favourite bar so that only icons could be there?

  22. just wanted to thank u

  23. Thank you for this information… I was also looking for the way of erasing the description following the bar icons.. I wouldn't need to read that information once I see the icon, and it takes a lot of space.  Thank you again for your lessons!

  24. How do I shift the Favourites Bar to the left & pin it there ? using Internet Explorer Edge.

  25. I do not have the drop down option to add to favorites bar – I have to go add and then import to the bar.  Any reason why I can't add that?

  26. Is there a way to add the toolbar to the Edge browser?  Thank you!!

  27. Show me how to add to Favorite and then how to access it, later. It seems that when I changed over to window 10, my favorites disappeared, can't find them.

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