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Windows 10 tips and tricks How to move files or pictures from Download folder to other folders in t

How to take downloaded files from the Download folder and send them to your favorite place in the PC Documents, music, pictures desktop etc…

26 Comments on Windows 10 tips and tricks How to move files or pictures from Download folder to other folders in t

  1. WOW! It worked.. Just amazing that you can do things like this

  2. how to find all the image files in the hard drive and gather them in one single folder w/o actually manually moving from one location to another?

  3. Can I arrange my picture folders by date( years)

  4. How do I move a folder from pictures to document folder

  5. I only have windows 10

  6. very informative to a computer illiterate with 40+ years of using a computer! Quick and to the point.

  7. My story,I filled up all of my space on computer,got an external hard drive and put them there ,before the fill up photos were imported and put in an album,when i list something on Etsy the last photos in the last album would come up I would click on it and it would go to etsy listing ,success,now it no longer forms new album ,new photos are difficult to find and can't be uploaded to etsy for listing ,I need help with this personal problem,so I can list on etsy thanks

  8. Thank you for this. I just wanted to know something… This is for music folders…. In the first column I have "Name" and then in the next column "Contributing artist" but want to find the Contributing artist (do to a massive search) but when I'm in the search bar, it will only find the name of the song. Doesn't matter where I try to search for it, nothing comes up. Any help will be greatly appreciated

  9. ahhhhhhhh…thanks……

  10. Thank you! It helped a lot!!!

  11. How do I stop windows 10 from moving my pictures into the Pictures folder? This is a new computer. I move my files into a work folder and windows decides it doesn't belong there and moves it. It needs to stop.

  12. Recently downloaded an HP program for my printer. The icon is on my desktop and the program is listed on C Drive under "Program Files" as an "Application".  It's also listed in my Downloads folder as an "Application". Here's the dumb question — if I delete this from the Downloads folder listing, will this delete the program (which I don't want to do)?  Or do I have to keep it in the Downloads folder forever?  Anyone? (using Windows 10)

  13. How do I rearrange pictures within the same folder?

  14. I put a file in a file on accident how do I take it out the file and put it back in the original place???

  15. Thank you very much –this has been baffling me for quite some time. Very clear, concise intructions.

  16. how to remove from folders from your desktop ?

  17. how do I move pics from my mail? I right click and it says copy  but where do they go on windows 10? I am sooo frustrated

  18. What do you use to record your screen

  19. I have a question for you when I connect my sd card, I transfer the pictures to my folder but the question that I have is: how do I delete the pictures/video from that sd card after transfer?

  20. I have over 30,000 songs in numerous files that I want to put in alphabetical order in one file.PLEASE HELP.

  21. I just bought a Windows 10 PC stick with 32 Gbs of storage. The OS itself occupies nearly 17 Gbs, leaving just 14 Gbs of free storage. So I have
    installed a USB drive D for extra storage. The problem is when I download files from the Internet, like Kodi, they are going straight to internal drive C, rather than to drive D, where I want these files to be and taking up chunks of my already limited internal storage. So, could you give any tips on how I can download all internet files directly to the USB flash drive?

  22. Thank you very much for this video! This tip helped me a lot 🙂

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