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Windows 10 tips and tricks How to use the voice recorder to make audio files and recordings

Windows 10 has a great voice recorder that is very useful when you want to record audio, no need for anything extra

48 Comments on Windows 10 tips and tricks How to use the voice recorder to make audio files and recordings

  1. voice recorder is great, but it tanked recently, won't come back, no help from Microsoft.

  2. How do you record voice calls?

  3. How can i use my own voice insted of microsoft voice or recommend me story reader but with my own voice

  4. Hey there… thanks; great video instruct. However, I successfully made a recording and clicked 'share' to send it to my friend via email, and then found out she never got it! I checked my gmail account 'sent' file and it wasn't there! Can you tell me how I can get this debugged? Thanks! *note; I made sure all the 'privacy' settings were on as your video suggested, etc

  5. How long can the recording hold? Can I dictate a draft of a book?

  6. Are you able to change it to an mp3 file?

  7. Hey, how can i change it to mp3?


  9. I recorded some things for my radioshow but everytime I try to upload them to the show page where they should be, they disappear! Do you know why this is? I click on the folder and it is there but when I open it, they disappear! Where are they going? is this something to do with the settings?? 0r what? Thanks.

  10. OMG all da answer is here :0 THANK YOU! <3

  11. It won't work I put a mic then it still say connect a mic

  12. When I open it, it closes on me.

  13. This is kind of like the new Windows Sound recorder!

  14. all my audio/privacy settings are good. how do i turn up the gain 300x on my headset mic that i use for voip calls because my voice in voice recorder is nearly inaudible? just installed 'reaper' to see if it can record out of the box – average joe who doesnt know what settings to adjust. and the answer is: no. installing audacity: same result. these tools are made for usb mics. what in hell switch must i flip to make my headset mic work?

  15. That app disappeared in my list. (I know it 'cause I had it yesterday lol) DO you know anything about that? I can't download it =/

  16. is there something to keep recording without stopping but click split so you are continuing with a new file?

  17. Is it really that hard to add a link where you can "save as" and then select MP3 or WMA? I can record something and then I can't do anything with it other then listen to it. Pointless

  18. Tutorial very useful. I wish all my recordings from VOICE RECORDER gets stored in a specific folder in D drive and NOT THE C DRIVE. Pls help.

  19. when I send a voice recording over e-mail,it also sends my music from groove—why can't I just send my voice recording without sending all my recorded dvd's?

  20. Really great video. Thank you so much.

  21. you provided me wwith the exact tip I needed, thank you!

  22. I like to keep my tower's hard drive as clean as possible and keep all files on external hard drives. Can we make it so that files automatically save to the external hard drive?

  23. What do you use for screen recording?

  24. well um yo I tried to record but it didn't rec anything why is this?

  25. Exactly what I was looking for, THANK YOU!

  26. Thanks really appreciate it!

  27. Do you recommend it for recording music from my instrument? And, is an exterior mic needed?

  28. Thanks! Makes a simple thing very accessible. I'm just switching over to win 10. Nice to hear/see something so straightforward!

  29. lol I'm gonna post this on youtube if I can see if I can do it

  30. Thanks for these great tips. I use Gilisoft Audio Recorder to record computer sounds and microphone and its pretty easy and great so far.

  31. how to i upload the voice recorder recording to youtube?

  32. need to know how to burn a cd with my own voice recording

  33. What do you use for recording?

  34. thanks m8 ez and simple

  35. Thanks for your info…very helpful!!!

  36. Very helpful my man keep up the good work

  37. Hmm I have never been able to find Voice Recorder in Windows 10

  38. How long will it record?

  39. what about recording while minimized ? does this app allow to record while using another app??? it doesn't ! it's so stupid !!!

  40. I  am not sure how I understand how to take sounds out.  I would like to record all of my voicemails from my phone. I tried connecting my phone directly to my computer with audio cords but it didn't work.  I have a crappy flip phone not sure if that's the problem or not but it is the phone I have now.  The way I am having to do is just put the phone on speaker and turn recorder on, however, I don't want all the crap in between each message.  I am referring to the prompts that ask if you want to save it press blah blah, delete it press blah blah, etc.  I just want the messages. How exactly do I do this?  Thanks for your help.

  41. Even though in my settings it is turned on to allow the microphone to work and all, I am still not able to hear it.

  42. How do you upload it on to YouTube Editor?

  43. Love how you can see tor browser on windows XD noob, not safe to use tor on windows

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