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Windows 10 Tutorial: Shrink, Partition, Extend Disk Volumes

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This is how to Shrink a volume, split off a partition, delete volumes, and combine or extend volumes in Windows 10.

In this video tutorial I will be showing you how to first free up space to allocate to a new drive partition. Then I will walk you through formatting the free space to make it into a…

40 Comments on Windows 10 Tutorial: Shrink, Partition, Extend Disk Volumes

  1. thank you. i was confusing at this part

  2. i have C, D, E and F drive i wanted to delete F drive and add it on C, D and E but after i add quarter of the space on E drive i couldnt add the rest on C and D drives…

  3. why doesn't it turn into free space when I delete volume like yours does? On mine it just goes back to unallocated wtf

  4. BEWARE!!!! I just attempted this identical operation and it ruined my boot partition by making it a simple volume and now I need a complete reinstall. I just lost several hours of work. I suggest creating a Windows install flash drive before attempting anything in this video. It's likey that people haven't responded the same because this made their computer unbootable.

  5. what is the point of removing space from a drive to merge it again with the same drive?

  6. Thanks you sweet brother.

  7. Thanks for the vid and not use the word “wolume” once.

  8. thx now i can just put my games in prrogram files instead of wasting in other random folders in computer.

  9. i hate my life idk how to do it because it dosent let me get another hard drive to hard drive c

  10. I cut 40GB from a partition I don't use that much. However, no matter what I do, I'm not allowed to extend C or D :/

  11. i had a 10 gb disk and couldn't use it for half a year, today searched for solutions and i found this video, fixed that.

  12. How do you extend the C drive?

  13. but, i want to extend on c drive, how do i do it?

  14. why is there extend method is grey on drive C???

  15. Thx man! Now i have 230gb in Local Disk (C:) !

  16. I want to extend my C drive by shrinking storage from Drive D and Drive E. i shrink 30GB and 30GB from both drives. Now i cannot extend Drive C with those shrinked 60GB. Can anyone please guide me for this?

  17. Hey, I tried to extend volume on my C drive, but the option is greyed out. I'm not sure what to do and I have almost a terabyte of unallocated space, PLEASE HELP!

  18. Its not turning to Free drive why???

  19. Thanks this is very Easy!! and work 100% good 🙂

  20. I got the green partition, but I can't delete it to be black again! What to do ?

  21. try to speak slow man

  22. sorry to say it dosen't help me… what i want is to extend the system (C:) drive …. if the unallocated drive isn't corresponding to the system drive, it cannot be extended… i really need to expand my C: drive

  23. can i add the unallocated volume of disk 1 to disk 2? or I can't do this because they are different disks?

  24. I tried it on my system c drive but the "extend" option was dimmed…

  25. This may have been the best tutorial for windows ever, quick and easy and explains everything! thank you!

  26. This helped me so much !

  27. How do I expand a volume using unallocated space below it?

  28. my c: drive is in a different disk than the D drive any solution?

  29. Loved it. Right to the point. Thank you.

  30. We can creat more shrink volum then optional available volum

  31. 100% worked correctly ???????? good job keep it up ????????☝️

  32. When I make it into a new volume, it makes it a primary partion instead of logical. How do I fix this

  33. There is no option of delete partition

  34. i left a like even though it didnt work. my computer is not like others, it was built to piss me off and put me in my own person hell

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