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23 Comments on Windows 7 – How to Connect to a Wireless Network

  1. Thank you. Telstra could not help me for a week. You fixed it in five minutes. ❤️

  2. Its working thxxxxx♥️

  3. why does my friend still can't after trying that step??? ????????????

  4. Thank you so much good girl

  5. Am not getting any network in my pc plz..tell how to connect

  6. What if you don't have the option

  7. There is no option manage wireless networks

  8. It doesn appear the wireless network connection wtf?

  9. there is no manage wireless network on left hand side

  10. 1:11 mine says no connections are available

  11. Guys just search for "manage wireless networks" on the search bar

  12. How to instal wireless network connection plzz tell tht also

  13. Thanks very much it's very helpful

  14. If you see any network matching the what???
    If you cannot pronounce properly please use subtitles…

  15. I couldn't find any option says manage were less network

  16. When i click on create an ad hoc network then it says an unexpected error occured

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