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19 Comments on Windows 7 | How To Delete Cache Files | Tutorial

  1. unclear on the annunciation, and too blurry to see. thanks anyway

  2. thanx bro over 8 gb i clean O.O


  4. 40,896 ???? These things have to be important haha I hope not

  5. Thanks man I got 7gb back. But are any of these files important?

  6. Thanks Alot, I had files since 2011 i needed that

  7. Thanks so much!!! I just got 8.35 GB back!

  8. it is an awsome trick and 

  9. FUCK yo computer is going hard as hell g ahahahh

  10. 20 517 objects!!!!!

  11. I knew that other part in "history", but this %temp% thing is cool. Thanks for sharing this vid:)

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