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Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Internet Connection Sharing is a way to share your internet connection for other computers. It requires two network cards on your computer. It also requires a crossover cable or a switch/hub between your network cards. You can use this if you have to pay for an internet connection. With ICS two or more people can connect while only paying for one. You can also use this to make a machine as a gateway for your office. However, complications arise if you are running a Windows Active Directory…

22 Comments on Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

  1. I don't have the F++++++ SHARE TAB on Windows 7 starter, any help form Heaven?

  2. What do I do if I have a HP Windows 10 desktop with Wi-Fi internet and when I click on the mobile hotspot button on the desktop the mobile hotspot says no internet access which is keeping me from sharing internet to another device the incoming Wi-Fi is showing as private but the outgoing hotspot is showing public it has worked before but now it's not showing up on other devices

  3. I've been looking for tutorials on how to do exactly this, and kept coming back fruitless with my setup, until I found your video. Apparently, all that was left for me to do was to run the wizard. Thanks for the big help!

  4. Thanks brother….

  5. it is not working….

  6. It's not working for me. I have 2 virtualboxes. one got NAT and local, and the other one got local. but i cant get it working. can you please help me? I am studying to become a network engineerer.

  7. Very Nice Video…. Sort Out my Problem

  8. Does this also work on Starter? That's the one I have right now. Unfortunately, I can't upgrade because I messed something up with the windows anytime upgrade.

  9. SIR i disable the 1 of the local connection how can i fix that sir

  10. I get some stupid list where I have to chose an adapted, it says "please pick a home network connection" but idk which one to chose

  11. WORKED. I had problems to share my desktop pc(wifi internet) internet to my lap top via ethernet cable. I had this problems 3-4 months. THANK YOU MAN. LOVE YOU. PEACE

  12. Hello I am trying to do this but my network sharing has been disabled by network administrator.. How do I reset this? Does anyone know for Windows 7

  13. So if I setup my linux box for dhcp client, and use the ICS machine's ip for the gateway, dhcp, and dns, I should be able to get internet working on that box as well? Can I set the ip for the linux box to static, as long as it's in the range and masked the same? Or is this a windows only feature?

  14. how do you chat on "msg" command on cmd on the same network but different admin/computer/laptop?

  15. whats the ip address after fixing? I'm using on the sharing card the next ipv4 relatively to internet card, submask, gateway&dns1=card w/internet, still without internet on the other pc

  16. Not here. After I shared my wireless connection and then plug the crossover cable the ip address on new computer stayed still APIPA, even then when I adjusted ip addresses on both lans to static and made them on the same network ( it was done correctly with right subnet mask and all) no luck, Any idea?

  17. What? You're directly connecting your computers with a crossover cable? I thought the purpose of ICS was to share internet to a router connected to the host computer so you can use regular Ethernet and connect as many computers as you want to the router receiving the shared connection through the WAN port. Your method is very strange. Who has crossover cables laying around anyway?

  18. my all things r working but my sharing option is not coming
    please help me sir

  19. really thank's man!!!!!!!

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