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20 Comments on Windows 7 MS Paint Tutorial-How to shade :)

  1. i think there is no body gonna show me making this thx >3

  2. Yay u used the song 'Blow' one of my most favorite songs by Ke$ha

  3. You also have to zoom out when you're about to click paste.

  4. didnt work not even a little

  5. That you so much! I'm liking the video and I'm going to subscribe! :D

  6. it worked!! wow this is amazing thanks for this tutorial!

  7. I cant have ms paint and sad to me ;—;

  8. IM SO MAD THIS FRIKEN THING WONT SHADE MY OTHER PARTS! I shaded one part went to a different color to shade a different one and it shaded that part but not the part that I shaded before

  9. I was drawing a character and I did everything right. I clicked "paste" and it pasted another version of the picture overlapping the other one with no shade. Why?

  10. This was work!! Yass!! Thx <3 
    If U Don't Understand, Ask Me Cuz At Me Didn't Work First Time Too :p

  11. yay thanks so much! this helped a lot :D

  12. Thank you! I'll try this out later! :D

  13. Eh, the way i'm shading is better.

  14. It worked… not…

  15. we need comentary i did it step by step and it failed

  16. Yay TYSM! 😀 This Worked Like A Charm!

  17. I CAN BE SO OP!!!!!!!!!!


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