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20 Comments on Windows 7 Sticky Notes Tutorial

  1. How come my sticky notes keep on moving to the right of my computer screen??

  2. How do you enable word wrap in sticky notes? Everything I typed is going onto the next line.

  3. how to put it always on top..?

  4. The old comment section, this is freaking amazing. YouTube needs to bring this back asap! TuT

  5. Wtf wrong with the comments?

  6. Is it possible to attach the notes to the desktop? Or do I have to open ''sticky notes'' manually every time?

  7. How Can I save those sticky notes……???? (* Without using "Screen Shots" )

  8. can i put sticky notes in folders? why cant i hide them and recall them when i need to be reminded of something without seeing it the whole time. maybe that defeats the purpose. idk but its not much more useful than renaming a text document with a note. at least thats cleaner looking. idk maybe im crazy..

  9. why dont you show us how to hide and show notes??becz i hide i cant see it and find it..plzzz help me 🙁

  10. do they stay there untill you delete them or do they dissapear after you turn off your pc?

  11. my favorite sticky notes "simple sticky notes"

  12. are you from the Netherlands? Type in: Plaknotities

  13. You are from another country. Try search for something other.


  15. Because you need the more expensive editions

  16. how do you make sticky notes talk on windows 7 ?

  17. I love my sticky notes, but I have a question. How much RAM do they use? I don't have much to start with, and I'm wondering if they're using more RAM than I can afford. My computer is getting old (hardware problems etc.) and I NEED to speed things up. Thank you!

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