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Windows 7 System Image Restore Tutorial

I just decided to do a quick video showing how to create a system image using Windows 7, where to save that image to, and how to restore that image later on.
Note: After restoring the image, you will have to re-enable write back cache in Intel Matrix Storage Console, Turn off Windows write back cache buffering in Device Manager, and also reconfigure your sound card audio settings. Many of these I went over in my “Windows 7/OCZ Vertex Turbo Tweaks” videos
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20 Comments on Windows 7 System Image Restore Tutorial

  1. Need urgent help.
    Guys i have backup of my window 7 image via windows backup tool builtin. I cannot restore it hang at 50%.
    How do i restore my backup now.. ? 

  2. Thanks for the video! Great overview!

  3. what would happen if i image back up windows 7 then restore it onto a windows 8 laptop? i've heard that can cause problems but i'm not sure

  4. where did you get that wallpaper, it kicks ass

  5. This video pretty much says everything i needed, But am missing something here.
    After you create the Image in external HD, How are you booting the system from BIOS?  Does the Image in the external HD boots or you inserted the recovery disc and then bot it from the disc??
    I have my HD crashed, Have got the image and Recovery Disc created for the Windows 7 OS. Your comment will certainly help me in setting up the Image in a new HD.

  6. Exactly, I hear your observation loud and clear. What was he doing in BIOS and talking about bootable disk.
    I used acronys to perform system image, it is a pain in the butt too. You have to register the software with acronys, if u need tech support they need to give a code/pin number, etc. it gest a hassle and frustrating at times. This clip is confusing for those who have no clue what BIOS is or never been in there.

  7. System image is an exact duplicate
    System recovery discs you can create yourself ONE TIME or buy from manufacturer at a lower price than the Original Windows DVD . System recovery discs can be 2 or 5 or 10 discs depending if u r using CD or DVDs.

  8. If you build your own rig (computer generic) you are bound to buy a official Microsot Windows operating system. With this DVD Disc you can do repairs, or comple re installation of your OS, make sure all your data files are backed up somewhere. An external hard disk is good.

  9. Most brands like dell, hp, lenovo come with the D:partition where the entire operating system is backup, it is called System recovery. You can do system recovery provided D: drive and/or the entire physical hard disk is working and intact. If D: drive is infected or damaged, system recovery is bye bye. The other option is System Recovery Discs you got from vendor or you created. If u break one disc you are toast.

  10. Lets take a deep breath. The title reads: Windows 7 System Image Restore Tutorial but the poster did some firm update and went into BIOS and talked about Boot disk. The title of the video does not equal to what he is actually doing. This should have been two steps 1) Backup system image 2) restore system image. The video is all over the place confusing people even more. Acronys does the same thing but u have to deal with much more too.

  11. You do not download a systum image you create one

  12. ihave a question, by making the image, my programs would be restore as well? such as my games , my apps etc?


  13. but if i din't do any of this, how can i restore it? its there a link to download system image?

  14. nah. You need the previous windows disk to do that.

  15. Did you boot your PC to the system boot disk you created during the backup or the actual windows disk.

  16. hey james………….i want to know that if i install windows 8 and after installing it i want my previous windows…………can i do this with this method?

  17. James. Thanks for this. Would you recommend this method when one is going from SSD to SSD as opposed to cloning? I'm upgrading from a 128 to 256gb SSD.

  18. System image is the exact copy of the drives that contain the drivers you have on your computer (or virtual machine), and system repair is what fixes possible errors that are preventing Windows from booting.

  19. i have a serious problem i dont have the disk or a backup or a image saved it asked for a network that i want to join but i dont know what to do please help me im worryed

  20. can it be burned and used to restore another computer with the same windows

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