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9 Comments on Windows 7 – Task Manager Tutorial

  1. So why does my CPU usage drop from about 78% down to 2 or 3% as soon as I
    look at I?. What is it hiding?

  2. Something is wrong with my task manager. I had it open one day but I must have hit something because all it shows is the processes that are running.

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks bro whoa like freakin magic

  4. on the outside maragin, double click and it will open it up

  5. for som reason wen i open the task manager the top part is all gone the tabs and stuff is all gone and the minimze expand and close buttons are gone so it only shows the window with only what tasks are running,end task,switch to,new task
    please hlep me

  6. Thanks for the help! 😀 now i can finally get this skype thing out!

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