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Windows 7 – Tricks & Secrets

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20 Comments on Windows 7 – Tricks & Secrets

  1. 0:20 ''GAMING-PC'' xD

  2. you shared good knowledge :)

  3. Too fucking fast! Slow it down a little.

  4. great video and it's (choose) not chose :)

  5. directional key??

  6. Turn Off The Annotations, Pause The Video And Look At The Secret 

    It's Secerets.

  7. invisible icon is cool.

  8. awesome tricks……..

  9. you can also use invisible windows username by using blank text! ;)

  10. Good Tips.. Thnaks ! :)

  11. how to put that status its that a gadgets? i can see you cpu drive disk and bin can you teach me how to put that?

  12. which screen recording software you are using ?

  13. cool tricks Plus +music :)

  14. its really a very nice vedio dude 
    i like it………..

  15.  DreamScene dont work :(

  16. Awesome vid….really like it… 🙂 🙂 :-D

  17. There is a bit of a problem on the "invisible icon trick". i can't really make the icon invisible i'm only able to make the title invisible someone please help!

  18. Which is directional Key

  19. What do you mean by the Alt+Key trick What "KEY" button?

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