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Windows 7 Tutorial 2 – Introduction to the Start Menu

Master the basics of Microsoft Windows 7 and find out what’s new in the latest version of Windows. Windows 7 tutorial 2 – Exploring the Start Menu

20 Comments on Windows 7 Tutorial 2 – Introduction to the Start Menu

  1. I don't have a button down in the corner ._. the only icon i have on the bottom is Chrome and Bandicam

  2. i was thinking the same thing

  3. Upgrading my PC, i just noticed that my new PC is Win 7 and all my past computers had XP so this is exiting.

  4. I get scared when I hear that accent

  5. Thanx for sharing. I just learned new tip: Pinning to Start…Cool.

  6. the best way to launch a software not displayed in the list of programs.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, loveya

  7. Windows 7 is best

  8. im not sure which is better mac osx or windows 7, they are both good

  9. @TopWindowsTutorials yes there is. Home land security has given these big corporations a pass to engage in this kind of activity. Read the patriot act 2 !

  10. @wingnut4427 There's no such "feature" in Windows 7, if there was, Microsoft could be sued out of existance when hackers found a way to hijack it.

  11. windows 7 is smooth, light, & very fluid. However I'm not too thrilled with the biometric features included. Such as the ability of outside agency's being able to access your video camera & microphone under the guise of the war on terrorism. This is the very reason I will not upgrade from XP to 7.

  12. For better quality versions of all my videos, visit my website!, link is in my profile (Youtube won't let me put it here)

  13. That does not work in Windows 7!

  14. I did this for my computer it's easy to do. Just hover your mouse over the task-bar or 'super-bar' as it's called now. Then right click, when the list appears go down to 'properties' and click it. Now when a menu pops up go to the 'Start Menu' tab and click 'Switch to Classic View Mode' and hit OK. Good luck!

  15. You cant in windows. There is a VERY stable app called classic shell that does this for you. You can drag and drop shortcuts on it too.

  16. halo … i need help… how to setup 4 normal speaker…

  17. good guide for beginner, the only thing bad is the quality of the video is rather blurry (even after i clicked on HD mode) 🙁
    Can you post more videos about the difference between XP and Windows 7? I've never used Vista,but now I'm getting a replacement 6 year old laptop and ghoing to use Windows 7 🙂

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