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Windows 7 & Vista GodMode Trick – What it is & how to use it

Folder name:
“GodMode” is a cool little feature that lets you access all of Windows 7’s control panels from a single window that shows nearly 50 sections with quick links to 285 configuration options, it can be useful ☺

23 Comments on Windows 7 & Vista GodMode Trick – What it is & how to use it

  1. It didn't work. It stayed a normal, empty folder. I'm running widows 7 ultimate, am I doing anything wrong? I copied the folder name in the description but the icon didn't change, and when I double click on it, it says, "This folder is empty"

  2. i did it but it stayed a normal folder 🙁 plzz help

  3. sti subaru impreza… FUCK YEAH …

  4. You got some nice wallpapers 😉 JDMs all the way!

  5. Shift + Delete also permanently deletes the file instead of 1st sending the file to the recycling bin then 2ndly emptying the recycling bin. NOTE: You cannot undo that action, so make sure you know which file it is you're deleting first or suffer the consequences.

  6. @anotherone10
    that car is the actual reason why there are all these P plate laws in australia

  7. @anotherone10

    google images the numberplates

  8. @godzilla261
    Nope, sorry.

  9. is this work for windows XP ?

  10. Hell yeah I liked this video, thanks a million dude xD (subscribed to your channel =p)

  11. @MrTechMan10
    Camtasia Studio

  12. @jacklockett2010
    Copy and paste the folder name from the video description.

  13. it says i cant put in these characters i also have 64 bit windows 7 home premium

  14. @anotherone10 Thank you ^_^

  15. @philip10610
    You can get all the controls of Windows 7 in one place, this way things are just easier & quicker to find, thats the use of GodMode.

  16. what is GodMode used for??

  17. WOW that's incredible
    It worked!!!!!!!!!

  18. @shizlefow
    In the top right corner of mkv2vob click on the text that says: No Sound? Static? Click Here
    Then it will show you some potential solutions ☺

  19. yo man i looked at ur video bout mkv ps3 formating and i tried it,it works but all i hear is static.basicaly the audio is static noise.what shud i do?

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