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Windows Guide #2 Tweaks,Hacks , and Tips

Windows Guide Part 2

– Bypass Windows Password

*Informational Purpose Only*

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11 Comments on Windows Guide #2 Tweaks,Hacks , and Tips

  1. :O u got a swiss flag? u swiss?

  2. what is that youtube icon on your desktop?

  3. Where you get your DOCK ????

  4. lol you have so many icons

  5. I know how to speed up windows as well, dont have all those stupid 3rd party themes and gay ass bars at the bottom with icons on -_- sigh.

  6. ya but wut if ur not on the account of the admin and u want to change ur user to admin etc cuz i understand wut ur sayin if u just want ot like change it yea or u can use CMD but in terms of bypassing or wen ppl hack they use commands like that to change it or others like " Telnet"

  7. lmao to bypass a msn pass all u have to do is go in controle panel then go to administration ,passwords change or delete it

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