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Windows Phone 7 Tips And Tricks (HD)

Windows Phone 7 uses completely different user interface, the new Metro UI is a completely different beast from previous Windows Phone. The user interface is unlike other mobile operating systems, from the fluid transitions to the live titles Microsoft has gone in a totally different directions to its competition. Just to help you guys a bit in overcome a bit of the hurdles of operating a totally new os I have accumulated some helpful tips you might have not known. These are just basics tips…

14 Comments on Windows Phone 7 Tips And Tricks (HD)

  1. guys.. i do have a dell venue pro

    i swear , its the best mobile i have ever used for CHATTING
    and u know guys that . almost all the WINDOWS PHONE ARE AWESOME!!

    RIP iPhone

  2. how do i get back any title i deleted "

  3. a slide out p.o.s. speaker…[samsung focus is better!]

  4. @TheBeachboy90 Yout'd be amazed at how useful the feature is and how no other phones have it.

  5. my friend you need to say, "Thank you, Come again" at the end of your videos : ) but thanks for the tips… and its slide out speakers… lol thumbs up anywyas.

  6. did he just say slideout keyboard lol

  7. @TheBeachboy90 great

  8. @classymage88 your mothers cunt is so tight, I hit it every day!!!

  9. @TheBeachboy90 your a cunt

  10. wooow can I take photo with only one button?? wooow ammazing:S NOT!!! 😛

  11. @eclemmson what he meant was the way you activate the voice control by holding the home button.

  12. You said at the beginning that it has a slide out keyboard, when you meant to say speaker (I've got one)

  13. The iPhone was by no means the first to use voice controls sir……. Android did it before apple

  14. @DaeV1id lol it synced my msn contacts which I don't even use.

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