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Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks Top & Hold Part 1 – howto Pin to start, songs, poeple, change pictures hun background picture, and ramdonly pic background.

Windows Phone 7 Tips Part 1, please chech our channel for part 2

12 Comments on Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks Top & Hold Part 1

  1. Yes, thank god nokia is here alraedy, i had the HTC HD7 for one year and i had to change it more then 3 times because ther was something wrong with it all the time…

  2. hate this phone my home button and search/back wont work they simply failed fuck u htc

  3. Does listen to YouTube .com able to transfer files to it?

  4. Nice video windows has alot of potential

  5. Wish metro had win phone seven! ! Lol

  6. @BNETgroupVideos tell me how 2 down load from you tube 2?

  7. @MoFxknBeba Hey- i used to use LimeWire Pro but that software is not working anymore, now i just download any music i want directly from here (YOUTUBE) i have a software that downloads any music from youtube and automaticly will be downloaded as MP3 music, then i put it on my Windows Phone 7 via Zune player, Subscribe to the channel and i will make a video within the next 2 days on how to do this.

    Any other question please ask us.

    MDFcrew Team

  8. were do you get your music ?
    and how do you download it tell me PLEASE!

  9. @cafenegro83 If you mean the Zune tile picture, then is very easy, lets say you play a song from lady gaga, and the tile of the song and the info is right (Artist name, genre, album name etc) then Zune will display a background of the artist song you playing at the moment, and the last song you were listing to, then that will be your Zune tile picture, it changes every time you listing to a different song.

    I will inclide this on part 6 of the video series, subscribe to our channel to see it

  10. how did u change the zune app pic ?

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