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Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks Top & Hold Part 4

Top and Hold on internet explorer to open a new tab, Tap and Hold on a link to share via Email or text message, Pin a video to the start Menu from Zune, top and Hold on a video from Zune to delete from your Device, import contact from SIM card to Phone, Top and Hold on a song on Zune to create a playlist

11 Comments on Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks Top & Hold Part 4

  1. @BNETgroupVideos cool, looking forward to it 🙂

  2. @ShadowSpeedy7 Part 5 coming on May 27, Promise….

  3. Thanks for putting in the description what you are covering per video. Other Tips and Tricks Videos have me skipping throughout.

  4. What do you know about the keyboard and spell checker?


  5. Thanks for the tips but how can i put viddos on facebook from my w7 phone?

  6. @BNETgroupVideos Eyt buddy thank you very much, I did what you told me and it works!…Thanks again!!

  7. @donjaime2000 You have to reset your HTC Surround to factory mode, and the way you do it is by going to SETTINGS and all the way to the bottum top on ABOUT then top on RESET YOUR PHONE, YOU MUST RESET YOUR PHONE in order to enter your own Windows Live ID Hotmail, Live or msn email account and your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, this is in order use the market place, zune and xbox live and all of your contact will be saved to your windows Live.

    Let me know if it works

    Billy Noguera

  8. I just bought a HTC surround from another guy and his contacts in the people hub still there, my question is how can I delete all his contacts and email account from my phone? I hope you can help me

  9. @GQexpert Part 5 is coming Tomorrow December 27, 2010, and part 6 will come before then end fo the year, and more parts will come in the fist week of January

  10. when are we gonna get number 5 hahaha these are VERY helpful! thanks bro!

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