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20 Comments on Windows Problem Steps Recorder

  1. AWESOME! Is that cool or what?!!! I never knew! Thanks.

  2. Wow! Never knew about this. All those frustrating phone calls are never happening again. Thanks for posting!

  3. I would have never known if it weren't for these two guys . Exactly what I need to solve my lost LastPass Master Password! Thanks

  4. Note to self: At 1:13 he clearly says, "PSR.EXE", but I had to go back to find it when the video was done. It would be great if was added to the title to make it easy to find as in, "We introduce…Recorder (enter a search for 'PSR.EXE').

    Thank you SO MUCH guys… can't believe I never heard of this before!

  5. that's actually a default app? ;o

  6. Oh, wow, this is the coolest EVER! Thanks, guys, I'm subscribing. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but if you guys could please s-l-o-w-i-t-d-o-w-n a little when telling us the steps, it would be better than perfect LOL

  7. Wow now I am going to really make use of my recorder, thanks. 

  8. For those who can't read it (myself included), its PSR.EXE suggest you locate file and create shortcut.

  9. This all sounds good – if only you had given the link clearly.  I can't understand what letters are in the url, it sounded like "letter, letter c.exe".   I tried to read what you typed by maximizing the view, but it's not legible.  Please slow down when giving key information.  I would love to try this for a LastPass issue I have.

  10. Holy shit! This is built in!?

  11. Great tool, but exactly because of that I can not fathom what on Earth Microsoft devs were thinking by making this tool as hidden as possible.

  12. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I have been using Windows since incepton and never knew that this existed. Who would think to look for "PSR" for a recording or troubleshooting tool. Windows "Help" should be showing this tool on almost every page. Thanks.

  13. Thanks! This is a really great tool, and I had no idea it even existed. I was directed here from LastPass Support Desk, and just learning about this tool is enough of a bonus even if LastPass can't figure out why the one site won't save my login credentials. Again, great tool, great demo of it's features and usefulness. Good work.

  14. My LastPass will not work correctly and I cannot get it up and running on my iPad.

  15. Excellent tool to let support personnel see exactly what your doing and the possible error codes associated with a problem…

  16. just what i have been looking for. Used this to record what IYOGI was doing, then showed it to my tech brother who is brilliant, and he was able to tell me just how badly IYOGI did, and what they did wrong. you guys just saved me tons of money. thanks

  17. This is Great, Thank You! going to use it for my xmarks issue.

  18. Broken Link. The problem is the "…" in the link.


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