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Windows Registry Tutorial

Learn how Microsoft Windows utilizes the Registry, how the hierarchy is organized into hives, the dangers of manipulating the registry, edit or create keys, backup the Registry, maneuver between the hives, and how to quickly find a Key in the vast compilation of keys and sub-keys in Windows Registry.

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  1. Small correction but if you're trying to say hierarchy it is pronounced hi-er-are-key.

  2. I am a slightly above average computer user in my opinion. But I must say, that after watching you click apply then okay, and additionally pronouncing hierarchy incorrectly that it became increasingly difficult to watch this video. The difference between apply and okay in those settings dialogues are that okay applies and closes whereas apply only applies. So while it's a simple extra step that may take only a second to complete. It is as painful as watching someone go through the mouse menu to copy and paste something when control+c and control+v are such common knowledge. As for pronunciations; I find myself having the same problem caused by being a bookworm, so perhaps double check larger words and verify all the letters and syllables you see in there, or Google them. Google has a pronunciation button if you just google one word.

  3. Hi, nice presentation. A couple of questions, please:
    1)Does a restore point repair possible damages to the registry? i.e., say I want to change the registry. Can I create a restore point right before changing the registry and if I do something wrong, it will be restored?
    2) Is the registry loaded during the POST, or somehow afterwards?

  4. I want to lower my ping down so I can able to play games

  5. its called ctrl R

  6. Cool, thanks for the info!

  7. how can i resize the window in chrome when i right click on links? the small window that pops with open link in new tab open link in new window etc… maybe at window metrics in registry editor? 

  8. impressive,,,thanks,,,

  9. Can u please provide real time working on Registries.How it will be helpful in Realtime?

  10. how to get temporary folder bck in registry editor can anyone tell me?

  11. My friends have a trick to hack the password and it involves clicking multiple times somewhere and using the registry editor and a folder called Lanschool Files but they won't tell me how to do it.

  12. This just reminds me how much Windows 8 sucks. I want my start button back. They can keep their retard corners – that only pop up when you need to click RED X or minimize or any other hot corner function that MS seems to have forgotten about.

  13. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  14. yeah its very mysterious problem. one time i spressed f8 while booting and pressed Floppy 1st Disk or whatewer was that., so problem fixed , but now i press it and it dont fix the problem. Now ill try to unplug the cabble of monitor. 

  15. I am using Windows 7 Home Edition, and I get the following message: Registry Editor <—Popup window
    Cannot import C:\UsersNameDocumentsRegistry Backup.reg: Not all data was successfully written to the registry. Some keys are open by the system or other processes.
    Question: What do you suggest I do?

  16. Thanks for the upload!

  17. If you have another pc with a good AV software, you can remove the hdd with the virus and connect it using an adapter and have the AV software scan the external HDD for virues. As for Registry problems I do sell Registry Optimization software on my site. Go to our Channel and click on my website. -MrFixit

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