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*WORKING* SEASON 7 TRICKS / PRO TIPS | Fortnite battle royale | Imortalz

Use these fortnite exploits / season 7 exploits / pro tricks / fortnite tricks and tips to win more games!
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33 Comments on *WORKING* SEASON 7 TRICKS / PRO TIPS | Fortnite battle royale | Imortalz

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    2 hours ago (edited)

  2. Im trying to make a video on getting banned and maybe these will help ????????????

  3. I'm impressed plz give a shout out

  4. Only need door glitch and it would be perfect

  5. My favorite is ghost peeking

  6. last 2 arent new…

  7. thx super useful for against friends in creative

  8. Really good tips thanks

  9. I subbed and hit the bell. Cool vid btw

  10. Wow these are actually really good tips

  11. Finally a video to help us defeat the sweats

  12. Can we play my Xbox name is saffron beast55 please i really want to play

  13. I need to start using that turret one

  14. Thanks, has helped me a lot

  15. Yo do u wanna play sometime

  16. you are such a dickhead, you came into our match where we had a snowman army and started killing everyone. shame on you. absoulete shithead

  17. Do you remember me or no

  18. perfect totally love your content

  19. this is helpful to deal with the most annoying players ever

  20. Yoo Nice vid IM subbing

  21. You really teached me what to do instead of dying

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