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*World Record* ATHENS ARENA 17 WIN STREAK! | Unturned

17 Winstreak on a laggy and most of the time pretty filled server at 7 in the morning.
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44 Comments on *World Record* ATHENS ARENA 17 WIN STREAK! | Unturned

  1. i feel so special because im babyblue

  2. Dead subs 100k subs and only 600 likes lmao

  3. Eres horribleeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. This is fake the video was obviously edited even the "unedited video" don't believe me if you don't see it click the like button and it should be obvious

  5. Dude I think you are like really good at pvp. Like your so good they think your hacking. Hey here's an idea if any of your fans play unturned and aren't good at pvp you can teach them how to get better.and make it a series or you can do it while your livestreaming

  6. I have 49 subscribers

  7. for awhile i thought seeing p9nda use his sights was more rare than seeing an antelope attacking a lion but this video changed that

  8. Please 1v1 me bro, i would really like that, i have been playing on the server for some days and i got like 700 kills, really wanna see if im better than THE panda

  9. 9:27 you killed a chicken XD

  10. Was there bulletdrop

  11. I think I am better

  12. P9nda where are you from?

  13. P9nda me and my friends make 25 win streak pls try to beat it 🙂 (no fake)

  14. Try once undertakers pei

  15. U dont deserve 100k ur content is horrible

  16. What server are you playing

  17. World record? 17 Wins? Im still better than u with 20fps lol, i won +- 30x in a row on full server

  18. yo… like no hate but is the clip from 1:00 from the 17 winstreak? cuz i know i killed you a few times when i was on

  19. Why you 360 me like DAT P9nda??? 1:00

  20. whats with your HYPED UP servers that you can do this and that and 0 people are playing

  21. Alter, Cro bist du es? Seit wann machst du englische Unturned Videos und nennst dich dabei P9nda? XD

  22. Dont stream fortnite and upload unt 🙁

  23. One week no vid. How I can live

  24. Your Tutorial World Record got terminated by an other Unturned player Name: SilentHotGhost i think. Sorry brah i feel with you

  25. How to have small weapons?

  26. Congrats on 100k! also i found this game on roblox that is perfect for you =

  27. Funniest goddamn story i loaded up a random server with the random search and one of your servers poped up lol ???? i freaked when i read the name

  28. Your at 100k!
    Well done I hope you remember this day p9nda

  29. P9nda u need to see ola he is soo good its just like u

  30. Me and my friend were banished from his server for making time with a hack, but we didn't even know he was hack, as soon as we found out of his team and we were banished the same way, we are bad and we could not stay alive until the end and what he did

  31. Bin der Typ dem du um 00:00 Zeug auf Unturned gegeben hast. Habe nichtmal festgestellt das du das bist. Kannte dich schon vorher WTF, Realisationstalent.

  32. Why am i watching roblox pubg?


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