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World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

It’s time to break some recs! (records)
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48 Comments on World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

  1. longest bounce shot is fake…
    the certificate michael handed to him is the most half court shots in one minute. pause the vid at 3:57 or 3:56

  2. I read world record edition not basketball world record edition

  3. Tyler is the best because he didn’t 533 feet and how did you learn this that’s so awesome

  4. How in the world did he make it first try

  5. Look the Michel face

  6. Stephen Curry should start to worry about his precision

  7. Easily the most impressive vid ever

  8. This has to be clickbait… especially the worlds highest

  9. В хоккее вас все равно победит путин jajaja

  10. World record Breaking most world records

  11. 0:27
    Take off your hat, it’s better

  12. 5:55 It was his first shot

  13. I actually don’t know how they make these shots. I can barely make a shot by doing the granny move thing

  14. Why do people think dude perfect is fake

  15. 6:18 GIMME THAT!!!

    Michael: …

  16. I feel sorry for the Guinness world record guy giving them the awards because he keeps getting rejected on the handshakes

  17. Great way to steal world record ideas from others ????????

  18. I feel I can also beat some world records by just watching them beat so many awkward world records.

  19. Michael: I’m going to make a lot of money today ???? I love my job

  20. You guys are basketball legends and deserve the world record for awesomeness

  21. I wonder how many tries it takes them

  22. Most record breaking record

  23. 6:51 Impossible!!!!!!!??? How?!

  24. 1:03 Garret was trying so hard to fight depression at that monemet

  25. You guys should play in NBA

  26. Now THESE are real life trick shots!!

    By the way, here’s a poem:

    Roses are red,
    I like to snooze,
    I don’t know how to rhyme,
    ????But please make this blue!

  27. Unfortunately the 565 foot shot record only held its spot for six months.

  28. Imaging disliking this video

  29. Didn’t that hurt your head

  30. Cody should take back the record from josh horton i mean he can break another world record first try. if agree like it.

  31. it took you 1000 shots to do

  32. 6:38 they said goal and not basketball hoop

  33. So many records in just one day

  34. Did they get money after winning Guinness world record?

  35. Just tell me one country where is absence of Guinness world recorder!

    I will give you $1M

  36. Every country has one world Guinness recorder ,isn't true?????????????????????

  37. Imagine having them on your basketball team.

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