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Xbox Live IP hack/trick – Spoof

Hope you guys liked the video! 🙂

Download link for cain and abel:

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42 Comments on Xbox Live IP hack/trick – Spoof

  1. Using XP on my VM and it works just fine. Thanks

  2. thanks bro now i can fuck with the bitch that does it to me 24/7

  3. Can someone hack the fuck out of iStealth hT (he plays bo2) he was trying to date me over xbox 360 and i said no i dont do that and just today he has knocked me offline at least ten times… Thanks if not thats fine too.

  4. Does this work on Mac?

  5. So, there is no way for it to work on a windows 7 computer…

  6. Which one is it i download because there a 2 download link i currently run windows 7.

  7. if it just says MICROSOFT is that my xbox or not? 

  8. why dose mine remaine in half routing instead of Full routing?


  10. The Cain program is not getting the ips.

  11. Does it work on windows 7

  12. I can't do this but my leader is so gay he always says he can hack and stuff but I wish I could boot him :'( his gamer tag is Exile Fame

  13. it took like half an hour to scan my network

  14. My network scan gets stuck at 0%….

  15. Takes forever to scan my network..

  16. Great! For windows users…. Now how do you do this on Ubuntu? I tried cain in wine… NOPE!

  17. Common error for people who know nothing about raw sockets. =D

  18. when i start poisoning i get disconnected

  19. I don't think so, I mean at least I know how to use my capital letters.

  20. Just how retarded are you? Look at the TITLE

  21. does this work on ps3?

  22. you can't have wireless for this can you? im using a laptop would i have to download this on my pc with the modem? because nothing works

  23. hacking runescape accounts duhhhhh! 😛

  24. Key log?? what for?

  25. Great tutorial bro!!! 🙂

  26. I need something I can use for skype :/ like get there ips and key log them any suggestions?

  27. hi hacker. im trying to install cain and it wont work because of winpcap. do you know what this is?

  28. What someone do with my ip adress cos he said he's gonna hack me for no reason what can i do

  29. can you do this for ps3 ?

  30. Right but notice how I said all the KIDS will TRY and ping off your router taking up bandwidth.

  31. Lol You Cant DOS with command prompt properly.. enough to crash a xbox or a website without having about 500 comand prompts open typing the same thing at the same time.. No.

  32. witch one do i download the discontinued or the other plz help immediately

  33. but it doesnt say like adress and city name and everything so we can creeped them out xD

  34. It comes up as a Trojan? im not trusting that D:

  35. invite them to the party and their ip will show up at the bottom because they just connected. If your in a big lobby, listen to his accent and get good with ip's, because each country has its own first 2 numbers on an IP 🙂

  36. that's amazing but say for example somebody is trash talking you how can u find out the IP Address of that certain person

  37. What an amazing hacker trick! Omfg, this is so cool, if you want someone's IP adress, now I can tell people where they live! Zomg! I am so cool now!

    No, getting someone's IP is rather easy, knowing what to do next is the harder part.

  38. its an adobe after effects template

  39. how do you make that kinda video intro? :p

  40. Loading comment…

  41. What's your gamertag?

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