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10-5-17 How to hack your Super Nintendo Classic Edition!!

This guide is old now guys new Hakchi is out for Snes Mini here is my new guide:

.Step by step guide to hack your snes classic edition. This uses a modified version of Hakchi . It’s not 100% perfect but a good start and you can transfer games to new Hakchi when it ever it updates with ease.
Also to bring console back to original kernal there is an option to flash original kernal in kernel tab on hakchi just select that and follow instructions…

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  1. Hello everyone This guide is old now here is the updated guide for Hakchi v2.20 For Snes Classic:

  2. lol yeah I don't think I ever reset factory settings lol

  3. I just use the 3DS SNES9 to experience SNES games…. portable too even over VC

    I miss the feel of the controller though.

  4. I dont know if you ever mentioned in any of your videos but, somehow when I press Select+Down for few seconds, it goes to Main menu instead of me using the reset button on the console…

  5. The background music reminds me of ratchet and clank

  6. Hi Buddy! thanks for this tutorials? but why my snes mini only has 75MB is available for roms? it's not 300MB like yours?

  7. Can we go one step further and add atom hack game like say.. Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds?

  8. for some reason my kernel did save. is there any way get get a new one???

  9. gosh! this is to much for my tiny brain to handle xD

  10. What safe websites can I go on to download games to do all of this? Will I get in trouble if I download the games? Also can I do this on my PC laptop or is it only for desktop?

  11. No one in any of these tutorials touch on the Game Genie option within Hakchi2.20. Does it work or not?

  12. Anyone had any luck with doing this through a virtual machine?

    I don't own a Windows PC, so my only option was to use a Windows 7 VM under VMWare. When I went through the steps to dump the kernel, nothing happened when it should have automatically done something. Clicking install driver kept giving me an error saying there was no Mini detected.

  13. Doesnt work. Got the Games on my pal Snes Mini with Cover but after hitting a Button it returns to Main Screen. No Game is working. Any tips for me? Need help

  14. What's the point of all this? You didn't had to wait for snes mini to do that…

  15. Holy crap, too many steps.

    I am so disappointed in the game selections and the ones left out, but I will be content to just play Super Mario World, PunchOut and Mario Kart. I have other ways to play all SNES games.

  16. How about other consoles like Genesis?

  17. games pop up on games_snes file but not when i turn on my snes :/

  18. well time to buy a snes mini

  19. Let's see, if I could add 9 more games they would be:
    1. Chrono Trigger
    2. Turtles In Time
    3. DK Country 2
    4. DK Country 3
    5. Killer Instinct
    6. Mega Man X2
    7. Mega Man X3
    8. Illusion of Gaia
    9. Super Mario All Stars

  20. Cant get past waiting on nes to dump kernal. I think driver not neing installed. Please help anyone

  21. Follow Cluster on Twitter, he provides real time info on his work and when Hakchi will be released with a stable version

  22. Hey how can I remove a folder that appears on the console with the rest of the games and when I open it it gives me an error. For example A-M but when I need to open a N-Z game it gives me an error.

  23. Who in their right mind goes through the SNES library and chooses home improvement? Maybe a troll?

  24. Why do you have to rename it to 1? I feel like you could just replace the name in the script, with the name of the actual rom. The SFC/SMC looks like it just isn't shown because of your folder options in Windows. A lot of extra steps that aren't necessary.

  25. How much memory does the snes mini have?
    does adding more games effect how much save stats you can have in total. Lets say you have all 4 slots for all games filled for every game. will it be effected how much games you can hold? Did nintendo really put more memory then intended?
    How does this compare with the retropi snes? Better, worse or the same?

  26. THANKS! IT WORKS!!!! Super simple and very informative. i'll recommend your video!

  27. I wonder if the 30 game limit is Nintendo's method to stop the hacking.  Maybe they updated something to limit both the SNES and NES when its re-released next year.

  28. Can I add the new God of War title?

  29. Hakchi2 beta was released
    Dont bother with this tech

  30. Could you add more than 30 games, by just turning those 30 on the list into folders? You'd only need 27 for each letter of the alphabet and numbered games.

  31. Can you add NES games to the SNES mini?

  32. I'll stick with my raspberry pi ????

  33. is there any way, that my saves won´t get deleted, and i can put more games on it?

  34. I just wrote a mass convert batch file for you.
    Just copy and paste into a .bat file with and your smc files in the same folder.
    It will create a separate output folder for the converted roms called "snes_sfrom".
    Pastebin link:
    No need to go through each individual one.

  35. Im in no hurry to hack.I will wait till Hackchi comes out and is stable

  36. so when i open hackchii and i backup the kernel, i hold reset, it makes a conection sound and nothing happens… can you help?

    i did all the steps… should i install the driver or will that mess it up?

  37. Anyone know where you can get the right resolution and size box arts so they match the original 21 games size and res?

  38. Is it 30 MAX games, or 30 additional games that could be loaded?

  39. Hello everyone. For anyone having issues with two player games and game compatibility the sfc2sfrom script has been updated and I have tested a few 2 player games and it seems to be working. It is including in this new link!5XoVQRJT!kbTEaPe0zcnWppyV1PS0Knl9yx6IPIbRQTW-Qd0UCb8 I also updated it in the description. Also sounds like a couple of people have got over 40+games to work. Anyone with updates on how you made it work let us know thanks.

  40. Followed these instructions to the letter and everything works great! Well, except for folders/pages on mine, changed to just show all games on the home screen and no more C8 errors. 😀
    I can't seem to get Illusion Of Time/Gaia working though, from multiple sources/roms. Has anyone had any luck with this one?

  41. Mario All Stars here I come!

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