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10 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know! – MissLizHeart

*Subscribe Here* Hi loves! Today I’m sharing 10 life hacks every girl should know! I share beauty hacks, hair hacks, fashion hacks and skin care hacks! I haven’t seen most of the beauty and fashion hacks done it the past so I hope you find these hacks helpful! Let me know which one is your favorite and THUMBS UP if you enjoyed!


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22 Comments on 10 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know! – MissLizHeart

  1. Purfum…was My Best 1…Thanks

  2. I'm still too afraid to cut my own layers, bangs, etc. I'll just watch you????

  3. Finally, someone that knows how to talk and it’s prepared

  4. Goodness; that's some EXPENSIVE polish remover!

  5. You are a doll! Thank you for such amazing tips…can't wait to try them!

  6. Hi Liz, this is the first video I have watched of you and your Yorkie looks exactly like mine. He passed away just before Christmas and I just thought it was him on screen ????????????
    Please enjoy your dog as much as possible!!! Love, MG

  7. I'm a hairdressers, and that's how I cut mine, it works, and you save money.

  8. OMG my kids are mixed and have thesewhite spots on their faces! Very cool

  9. Great tips!!! Thank you!!!!
    Also found helpful tips in the comments!!! Thanks everyone!!!

  10. Love the whole video

  11. I don't know if I want to use perfume if it's as strong as nail polish remover!

  12. The blush ting I already did

  13. You are a cutie, and so is you little ????
    Love the macara and bang trim…..
    Warrior girl ????️

  14. Your funny. Very entertaining an great info. Thanx

  15. Automatically liked once you said ditch coconut oil, ppl overhype that oil, its not even moisturizing & blocks pores thus causing breakouts

  16. Put rubbing alcohol on your sock soak it stick foot in shoe and it no longer hurts or tight fits like a glove

  17. love the short video!!! straight to the point and gave good hack ideas.. 😀

  18. Umm evoo is highly comedogenic don’t use on your face ppl

  19. When you say a little white spot, do you mean milia?

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