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10 Life Saving Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts Tutorial

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In this video tutorial, I will share my top 10 life saving Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 editing tips, tricks and shortcuts!

1. Copy Pasting Clips – Alternate Shortcut
2. Pasting on the right track – Selecting Tracks
3. Pasting Effects and Properties over multiple audio clips at once
4. Using Adjustment Layers
5. Creating Blank Color Mattes
6. Nesting Clips into Nested Sequences
7. Creating New Titles from Current Titles

42 Comments on 10 Life Saving Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts Tutorial

  1. Great tip on the Nested Sequence – Double click it to open up the original clips to re-edit them

  2. might be worth nesting stuff rather than copy/paste effects for each region, or use an effects layer

  3. Thanks the copy and pasting of clips tip helped

  4. what font does he use at the endscreen?

  5. Wonderful video, Great tips! Thanks!

  6. fantastic video! how are you zooming in/out of the timeline around 14 seconds into your video? is that a mouse wheel? I'm using a stylus. thank you!

  7. do you have a windows version of these tips cause I don't use a shitty apple computer lol

  8. thx for the tipps shroud, much appreciated.

  9. Thanks Justin, always very informative!

  10. Thanks for that man, really helpfully stuff ????

  11. Thanks this video was super informative! I spent forever trying to figure out the copy and past tool without overlapping other clips. Excellent video!

  12. I set my 'go to previous/next edit point' to the Q and W key instead of up and down arrow. I also set the D key to clear/delete. Saves me a lot of time. Thank me later.

  13. This is a great video. That help me to my research.Thanks you.

  14. Great info and super helpful – wish I saw this video a long time ago. Thanks!!!

  15. This is so valuable! Thanks so much!

  16. Thank you, Justin. Your tutorials are so helpful! Question about tip on adding titles to a nested sequence, how do you do that in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017?

  17. 6:50
    backward does't work actually.

  18. I believe it's more popular to use the ripple edit tools even set up the V tool in preferences to automatically use ripple edit function over cut and move…. comments?

  19. Awesome tips man! Really useful! Thank you ????

  20. Good stuff! Thanks!

  21. Great tutorial Justin! thanks!

  22. I've just upgraded my Premiere pro to 2017 recently. How the heck do I get that panel on the right hand side with the effects, title properties, titles, timecode ect.

  23. Awesome video… SO helpful. Thanks so much 🙂

  24. I dunno how to properly describe it, but i don't have the helping lines anymore. Iam speaking about those lines which pop up when iam cutting two separate clips to make them last equally long and when you wanna place a clip, so it automatically places it om the right spot…. i can' t continue editing, because of this.

  25. was that motion blur done by screenflow or in premiere?

  26. Life saver, I spent ages looking for this advice but all the other videos just don't get to the info.

  27. NOTE:
    2:30 You can actually don't paste all effects info part, IF they are the same.
    IF they are different – you can paste,
    ELSE you can use Master track of ya audio track, and change master track and it will apply to all parts. This is like modifying your source.

  28. Thank you for this

  29. Saved me SO much time. Thanks Justin!

  30. Great tips thanks

  31. Thank you, Justin !
    Im ur fans.

  32. "Ctrl k" Is anther quick way of cutting wherever your timeline scrubber is.

  33. Thanks Justin. This is a great help.

  34. Justin not evry one got mac book like you i hope you show us how to do it in the Windows

  35. Good tips I have to watch this again. Great video as always

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