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10 Video Hacks EVERYONE Must Know! How I Edit Videos!

10 simple steps to edit videos for YouTube and Instagram! 10 life-hacks and tips for Final Cut Pro X EVERY beginner should know!

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Photography Hacks Everyone Must Know:

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41 Comments on 10 Video Hacks EVERYONE Must Know! How I Edit Videos!

  1. Hi YouTube #FamAlly! I had to re-upload this video! Ask your questions to be featured in my next video!

  2. How come I’ve never found you before? Your content is so gooood ❤️????????

  3. Love your style ✨

  4. Why are you so pretty?

  5. I really can't relate on it but haha at least I now have an idea about editing videos.

  6. What is your favourite clothing??

  7. Question : what is your clothes essential? Or must have clothes

  8. You are so cute and lovely????????????????????

  9. Love seeing your videos????????????????????

  10. HI! I love your videos!♥️♥️♥️

  11. You are such an inspiration. Love ya Ally!

  12. what inspired you to create a youtube channel?

  13. Heyy Ally! Love you girlll.
    Question- what was your biggest struggle as a YouTuber?

  14. What’s your current relationship status?

  15. What’s your favorite food?

  16. What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

  17. What was your motivation(s) to start YouTube?

  18. Question;
    How did you become a YouTuber?

    Love your channel and u!! 🙂

  19. Hi beautiful ally i have just 2 question
    1- how ald are you & which month ?
    2- are you travelling to different country ?
    And thanks for every thing bb ????❤❤

  20. Hey Ally, who's your all time favorite style Icon?

  21. Your soo pretty and amazing!!! Keep doing this, it’s what your good at!!! (not saying your not good at anything else)

  22. How do you do your hair? Its so gorgeous????❤

  23. Hey first of i love yo soo much and i want to now when is your birthday and how old are you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????P. S i subscribed

  24. What inspires you? What's your favourite color? Are you minimalist? Love you????

  25. How do you come up with the ideas for your videos? What inspires you? And do you ever actually use your own life/clothing hacks in your daily life?

  26. Question.
    Your room is very beautiful. Where do you live? Are you an Asian?
    Lots of love from india

  27. Question.
    I am your huge fan. What made you start a YouTube channel? What was your inspiration? Lots of love from India ????????

  28. can you please drop your skincare routine day and night

  29. 1-What do you like better android or apple??
    2-what is your last name??
    3-what is your fav color???
    4-would you like to go on tour??
    5-black or white marble??
    6-do you like glitter

  30. Hi! I love your vids. My question: who are your top 5 fav youtubers and will there be any collabs if so who would you like to collab with?

  31. You look so lovely ????

  32. Can you recommend an editing program if you don't have a MacBook? ????

  33. Hey i love your cleavenge !!

  34. Please take a video how to edit on your phone so i can learn

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