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15 Amazing Tips & Tricks For Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

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Hi Guys, In this video, I will show you the 15 Amazing Tips & Tricks For the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. Also, you can apply these tips to all Samsung A series devices too.

Tips & tricks for Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

Tip No 1: S secure
Tip No 2: Dark theme
Tip No 3: Portrait mode
Tip No 4: Quick open notification panel
Tip No 5: Hide navigation bar & gesture mode
Tip No 6: Pop up menu
Tip No 7: Dot notifications
Tip No 8:…

20 Comments on 15 Amazing Tips & Tricks For Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

  1. I can't find s secure on my phone
    CSC code: DRE (Austria 3 Hutchison)

  2. Those are useless stuff.

  3. I don't have S Secure in App Store.

  4. Can you tell what is that icon you have above the bixby in your camera?
    Very good tips ????????????

  5. Where is LED Galaxy a7

  6. Some how my A7 didnt have the record calling function…

  7. Galaxy A6+ using after THE S4

  8. Sabse ghatiya mobile h aaj tak k record ka iska 9.0 ka version update karne par calling plus internet band ho jata h

  9. Cant find s secure app on playstore

  10. My friend, I have the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018, but I can't find the 'record call' settings in my dialer settings. Can you help?

  11. Sir will you please help me, my samsung a7 had a software update and i can't find setting for tip 3, pls help me sir

  12. Not ideal mobil telephone….

  13. Hello.I don't have the " record calls" feature

  14. very very very very nice video thank you so much

  15. on Xiaomi you have most of these features without doing any settings

  16. Im using a7 2018 blue.. Its a gift from husb for my bday..

  17. A7 2018 got worst low light sensor in camera. I regret my purchase.

  18. Malayalee aano

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