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15 SPRING CLEANING HACKS + TIPS | Spring Cleaning Life + Checklist | Renee Amberg

Happy Spring! With spring comes SPRING CLEANING! In today’s videos I share with you 15 things people often forget to clean when spring cleaning. These 15 spring cleaning hacks will help you spring clean like a boss! Happy cleaning!

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20 Comments on 15 SPRING CLEANING HACKS + TIPS | Spring Cleaning Life + Checklist | Renee Amberg

  1. Love this vid! New subscriber ????

  2. So many helpful tips in this! I actually might film my own take on the subject 🙂 Love your videos Renee <3

  3. Hey! New suscriber here. Just wanted to say hi and that you remind me of my fav you tuber. Loving the content.

  4. I always wash my shower liner and the shower curtain as well, just put a towel in with them to add some friction to rub them. You can hang back up wet or dry on a very short cycle so they don't melt.

  5. Hey Ney, this was so helpful thank you ❤️ I love your videos I always get excited when you uploaded something lol maybe you could do a „what‘s on my phone“ type of video some time? Xo from Germany ????

  6. hey ney! can you tell me what music you used for the intro? i really enjoyed it. Thank you 😀

  7. Thanks for sharing this ????????????????

  8. New subbie. Loving your content .

  9. Looking beautiful today

  10. Spring cleaning is like awakening to fresh and new bright beginnings after the drab winter.

  11. can you make a video about your eat and sport for a week? btw, this type of videos of yours, are my favourite ones.

  12. Love these tips, will definitely be using them!!!

  13. Uhm wow this was actually really helpful, Renee! Thanks… hmm!!

  14. Love this video, and all your cleaning and high vibe videos! Would love to see more in depth how you organize your computer and files, especially with all the videos you have for YouTube!

  15. I love spring cleaning, I always end up getting rid of so much, it feels so good. ????????

  16. I did some spring cleaning the other day, it felt so good! 🙂 Donated a whole bunch of stuff that i decluttered as well! Loved this video girl!

  17. Hello Ney excellent video thank you for the helpful advice, appreciate! ????????❤

  18. Love spring and love cleaning…love your attitude????????????????

  19. I’m relived it’s spring and winter has concluded LOL!

  20. Stop pissing on blacks.. Now we piss on"U"..give u an idea who Iam????????????????????????????????

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