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15 Tips for First-Time Travellers to japan |

Learn more about planning a trip to Japan for the first time:

In this video we list some of our most useful tips for first-time visitors to Japan, specifically those landing at Narita Airport and then travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto. From picking up rail passes, to transportation options, to booking bullet train tickets via a smartphone, hopefully there are a few tips for everyone.

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Narrator: Sam Evans
Videographers: Andrew Marston &…

46 Comments on 15 Tips for First-Time Travellers to japan |

  1. i litereally have the exact same picture as the thumbnail but i took it myself when i was in Japan?

  2. The one thing I will never forget was the time I went to a hotel in Japan and forgot to bow after saying thank you to the people at the desk, so my friend said "you forgot to bow" out loud in English and they started laughing. It was so embarrassing lol.

  3. So if you have a JR pass is there an app so you can book seats on the Shinkansen?

  4. I Love Japan From Bangladesh

  5. Very informative ????????‍♀️????????

  6. Step one: download the smartEX app
    Step two: this app is not available in your region
    Step three: feel unwelcome
    Step four: cancel your trip

  7. dang, I thought this is tips for time-travelers. I was excited

  8. 0:52 Is luggage delivery available from Haneda?

  9. It's my dream to live in Japan for the rest of my life ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. clear voice but the accent is kinda unique, thank god for english subtitle????

  11. Thanks …and Which place best for summer?

  12. Quiet useful tips!

  13. Going in February 2020!

  14. I am Egyptian and I love Japan

  15. Thank you for this! We just booked a trip for next summer using points, and we are so stoked to visit! If anyone is interest, this credit cards sign up bonus got my wife and I’s one way to Japan covered:

  16. For the currency, it is best to check with your bank at your home country before you go and see what their rates for currency exchange are.

    for example, my bank offers currency exchange for a flat rate of US$10. If I use my Visa Debit card in Japan, my bank charges me 3%. So in my case, ordering more than US$334 of foreign currency will be worth doing it beforehand because I will save on the currency exchange rate.

    Also I would totally avoid the currency exchange bureaus in japan and just find a 7-Eleven ATM (they are everywhere in Japan). The fee for using their ATMs are very reasonable, and I always allow my bank to make the currency conversion so I know that I will have the 3% rate they quote me.

  17. 16. Dont forget to visit me at my apartment

  18. 1:46 WIFI
    story short, next time I'm getting the sim
    long story:

    when my dad and I went to japan, we got a pocket WiFi
    it was mostly fine, at random times it disconnected. dad thinks it was because it disconnect when we weren't using, it like watching sumo then checking your phone and finding no WiFi. so he had to restart it eveytime.

    also it's in Japanese so dad didn't like the idea of messing with it to find the problem or changing settings.
    !! THE REAL PROBLEM was the RANGE!, we couldn't split.
    True, most of the trip we didn't need to split like 80% of the time.

    BUT I couldn't go far from dad without losing WiFi. this happened a lot when we split on the same floor of a big shop (Mosley book-offs or big camera)
    It made it so I couldn't explore places dad didn't want like the busy part of Nikkie market in Kyoto.
    After all no dad wants to lose track of his daughter in a foreign country where he doesn't know the language, I also didn't want to lose him.

  19. Nice video clip for traveling guide for Japan man, everything in it is perfect, Appreciated

  20. Thank you for the tips

  21. What kind of guide would you reccomend for someone playing to just stay in tokyo for a couple if weeks, with just a few trips to Akihabra?

  22. Thank you ????????

  23. It's my favorite language, and I hope one day I'll visit Japan.

  24. IC CARD ? Train pass ?

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  26. Going to Japan is a dream of mine and I dont know if it will come true but I'm hoping it does

  27. From tokyo set E? Or from osaka?

  28. I like Japan every thing is nice and clean

  29. So if I buy a JR pass, then I don’t need IC card for local trains? Or I could get both and use the IC card for local purchases? But then again I could just pay cash at convenience stores.

  30. i wanted to going in Japan a time but now I am discouraged because of many defaults which outweights the advantages out there. Because it's a costly destination for richest travelers who must be also daredevil , because japan is filled of spitting volcanoes, earthquakes, infernal heats, Fukushima radiations … I learned nothing of good about Japanese people too , they're execrable people who are numerous to being close-minded , greatly manipulatives and indirectly racists. many of them showed to me their arrogance in YT. you would say we could meet persons like that worlwide , but i really think there's 99% of probability we meet detestable persons in japan. i would prefer to "travel" in japan through videos like this one.

  31. tip one buy train tickets, tip 15 buy train tickets, did I mention train tickets?

  32. I don’t recommend using Narita Express of JR
    Keisei SkyLiner is cheaper and faster
    By Japanese

  33. The video is so good.can you make them longer

  34. No gag. Just very useful info.

  35. Came here to protest the Japanese KILLING of dolphins and whales. Those peaceful, intelligent sea creatures. Please STOP this. Shame on the Japanese!

  36. Always pay attention to Japanese food. They offer tourists Fukushima rice and radioactively contaminated seafood. And they try to dump the radioactive water into the sea. be careful. Of course it is best not to go.

  37. I've been building up a Youtube playlist of stuff for my potential Japan trip next year with my dad. First time going overseas since I was a baby (I'm 20 in October) and that was just Australia.

  38. this video is so informative

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