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19 Awesome Tips for Fallout 4 (that I wish I knew before I started!)

– Unlimited Adhesives
– How to equip companions…including Dogmeat!
– Super pro-tip with “Lone Wanderer” perk
– Useful hotkeys, like putting your gun away and turning on your Pip-Boy’s flashlight!
– How to “wait” and let several hours pass quickly
– How to change your UI colour
– How to save weapon mods
– Fusion Core Pro-Tips!
– Gun Management — Renaming for fun and profit
– Junk item management tips
– Settlement building tips
– How to assign settlers to work jobs &…

23 Comments on 19 Awesome Tips for Fallout 4 (that I wish I knew before I started!)

  1. Addesive.. luckily I knew what he was talking about.

  2. I build robots for my supply lines and I've never lost one, just don't upgrade them! I discovered this on the first one I set up, gave him a Mr Handy thruster for legs, heavy weapons, top armour etc, he came back as a basic robot, it just wasted supplies.

  3. I watched this after completing game….my feeling is everything you said is true af….expessially perk scroll down is what happened to me after completing half of the game… believe me lol

  4. Seriously man, pro tips… Lol. The first two things that that you mention are basic functions and anybody would know it from playing FO3 or FO NV.

  5. This video: exists

    The ogs: smiling from a distance

  6. Ok, action points; first 308 bolt action pipe gun and 308 hunting /sniper are not the same gun! Now pistols take less action points than rifles(Stock). Also if you put a site on a gun you will use it automaticly in VATS. Takes alot more AP to carefully aim through a scope. Sorry, you had some helpful info but maybe stick to explaining things youve figured out and skip trying to explain the things you haven't .

  7. Atleast you knew the dogs name…

  8. Ad-HE-sive. You keepo saying u-dee-sive. Make a video apologizing for this horrible fault you have made you monster.

  9. Wouldnt really call these pro tips….most of what you explained in the video is literally all in fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas….nothing new here unless you've never played fallout before

  10. Pro-tip:
    -Simply applying a connector and power to a house does NOT power the entire house.
    It powers a defined distance from that connector. (Area of effect).
    Not sure what the max distance is in game.

  11. Adhesive is so abundant its insane

  12. I prefer to break all my shit down by hand.

  13. You have to work the bolt…to work the action…if only they had a name for a weapon like that…????

  14. dog armor give dogmeat defense so he gets knocked down less, but he can't.

  15. Most of it was related to settlement which is pretty booring.i was expecting something of combat and open-world

  16. Wait so I can put my gun away just like every other 3D fallout game and every elder scrolls game, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  17. Legitimately the least helpful fallout video on the entirety of YouTube.

  18. Question. Can you just store all of your mods in the weapons workbench, or do you have to carry them around?

  19. Tip 1 . Somehow get the game to run on PC when you easily have the recommended specs.

  20. how did this video earn 5900 dislikes. If you know ´´everything´´ about the game doesn´t mean it might not be useful for the others

  21. Fallout 4 is one of the best and most involving open world games to a wide group of players but is quite complicated and niche in very many ways and needed some explaining which you did brilliantly sir. I got at least 10 great tips so I could entirely change my gaming experience I guess like after well over 100 hours into the game and wasting my time on stuff that was actually totally pointless if I had known the possibilities of the game. I recommend that video to anyone who starts playing Fallout 4

  22. Thanks for explaining the controls to me, blind people everywhere thank you

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