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19 Google Tricks You MUST Try!

These are just 19 of MY favourite google tricks that i found, that you must try.
Please let me know of any i may have missed 😀

This video has also been featured at Techkaro:

39 Comments on 19 Google Tricks You MUST Try!

  1. The advertisements are actually the things for google like “Pac-Mac”

  2. Another one is Turn of your internet connection, and a dinosaur will show up with a message, press the space bar and you can play a game with him

  3. You dont haft to put your settings to Never show instant results

  4. I've seen a few vids and no one or some youtubers show the mystery Google I'm feeling lucky thing. I say mystery because only me and my sis knows. 😉

  5. This is cringe

  6. I hate the clicking noise

  7. you can also do google in space by typing "google anti gravity"

  8. I know google snake too

  9. I knew the play breakout on google thing already

  10. The ones I know, do a barrel roll, google space, tilt with askaw!, google gravity,. I found them out from my friend, she searched it up today at school and we done it and soon we got the whole class on computer doing it ???? oh and also I think it’s speed pant thing, spin painter? Idk

  11. hitch hikers guide to the galaxy term at 3:57

  12. try to type in google calendar and google in the sky and press i'm feelin' lucky

  13. i just know that google has a gravity but i fond google space

  14. Chuck Norris = Fuck Norris

  15. I cant find instant settings

  16. #*#8351#*# wala recordings kha milega aur pta kaise chlega chalo hua ya nhi

  17. I tried out Google guiter but there was no sound

  18. .

    Are you a gay?

  19. the guitar dont make sound??

  20. number 3 does not work

  21. I new all of dis already

  22. 8:59 they changed it ("o") D:

  23. the google pond one didn't work for me and the google guitar didn't make any sound

  24. for dat atari breakout one u can type atari breakout and then click images

  25. patatoes are crispy

  26. really good video

  27. Zerg rush didn't work

  28. The gravity did not work

  29. elgoog is an website where you use all the tricks that are in google which are hidden

  30. 42 is how old my mom is

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