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1st place science fair ideas- 10 ideas and tricks to WIN!

10 ideas and some power tips to make you the king of your science fair!
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Credit to my sister Lisa for being my professional consultant on a lot of these ideas and tips.

My 10 ideas:

1. Number of card shuffles
1.5 Do Carrots improve night vision?
2. 5 second rule
3. Dirtiest surfaces in your house

20 Comments on 1st place science fair ideas- 10 ideas and tricks to WIN!

  1. Big fat thanks to Studio C! Mash that bell up there to get notified and send this to someone who has a science fair coming up!

  2. Someone please help me with a project idea with variables, I need one by Monday 14 may 2018 or else they will pick one for me please help.

  3. I have toy/science competitions but no science fair

  4. I don't my even have science fairs in my country

  5. Balls are filled with air in football matches and second of all u don't do the same distance all the time so go out of America and enter England to understand football you guys call it soccer but in England it's illegal to say soccer it's called footbal

  6. wow! you look like alex clark(not a hate coomment)

  7. In my 4th grade science fair that I did a bit of time ago my last year I just got done from finals anyways in my science fair I had a ton of bullies and I brought my baby kitten and only one since the other one had left the house for a walk and never came back I went to school then my mom brought him to school at the science fair time and we see how nobody is anywhere around people's science fairs and only around me and my mom and everybody was scaring him so he would cling on our clothes and hide his head under our arms and now I'm the most popular person in my school and everybody knows me and my mom ????

  8. I think they’ve found out my Rock Paper Scissors method

  9. I did a project in 4th grade. It was "What is the best liquid to make bubbles with?" I took different liquids like glycerin, lemon juice, vinegar and the control was dish soap. You blew a bubble and timed it from when you begin to when it pops! This was an awesome project and is my favorite one I have made.

  10. STUDIO C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!

  11. The (super) sad part is

    Thailand usually don't have a science fair (except a class project on a subject which is superrrr boring)

  12. I wish he was my uncle

  13. In England we don't have science fairs????????

  14. A great project and a fun one to plan is how to drop an egg 100 ft without dropping it (best design protecting an egg)

  15. So because you love science and STEM I think you should find a FIRST Robotics Team. They are from elementary through high school and knowing from personal experience it is great.

  16. That reminds me i was with my step dad and a man said you look just like your dad and he got so embereasd when i told him

  17. Are bigger parachutes more effective?

  18. My friend got 2nd place in the state science fair, she tested worms eating plastic

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