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#2 Cooking Fever. How to 15 gems in the Casino. No hack, no root

Cooking Fever Winning 15 gems in the Casino in only 5 attempts No hack, no root.


How to win 15 gems in the Casino in Cooking Fever..

1. Click the Casino to open it.
2. Click the 500 bet button.
3. close the Casino by pressing the ‘x’ button BEFORE the wheels stop turning.
4. Open the Casino and repeat steps 2 and 3 until you win the gems..


On average I spend about 10,000-15,000ish coins to win my gems.. in this video it only took me five tries.. I went to the…

25 Comments on #2 Cooking Fever. How to 15 gems in the Casino. No hack, no root

  1. It worked!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. It works!! 6th or 7th try for me. We'll see if it works again another day though.

  3. But wait… If you hit the close bit everytime before the wheel stops… How can you possibly win the gems then? I dk man… I'll tey tommorow still I guess. Just a wee bit skeptical

  4. Damn, I already got the 15 today… Took a lot more than 5 to 10 tries though. Well… Now I have an experiment to try tomorrow

  5. Thank you for your tip. I got gems in 3 spin. ????????????????????????

  6. I tried 10 times and I was like uh do not work but then I got my 15 gems ty so much I needed them

  7. Took me 2 times to get 15 thanks!

  8. Thanks a lot!!!! It worked both on my phone and my tablet!!! Won 15 gems both on the second try!!! =D

    P.S. Thanks for the tip about only getting gems once a day. I would've kept wasting coins without that piece of information. -_-'

    I will subscribe to you!

  10. I by some luck got it 1st try hahah

  11. This worked yesterday then I tried it again today. No luck.????

  12. I also tried waiting 12 hours and in 30 tries or less I get 15 gems from the casino plus logging in everyday I get 2

  13. Si me funcionó a la primera!! gracias 🙂

  14. It work for my iphone thanks

  15. I got it the first try

  16. It worked for me for some time but there are days when I spend 70,000 coins and still nothing. And I do the trick every day. The game is becoming discouraging for me 🙁

  17. Lmao for the first time ever something like this Actually worked for me. Thanks,cause I was 1000% skeptical but you obviously knew better than me!!!

  18. omg it does work

  19. wow! thanks!!! I was quite skeptical, but in less than 10 tries, I got it! After trying to type in things like "winner" and "gems", this is MUCH easier. Does anyone ever win with the 3 gems?

  20. thanks i got 15 gems

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